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Career Assessments

For students struggling to find their post-graduation path, we offer free career assessments.

Career assessments are tools that help you assess - learn about yourself, organize your thoughts and give you clarity on your interests, skills, values and personality. A career services staff member can discuss your goals with you and provide you with one or more career assessments to help you start putting the pieces together.

Click on the links below for more information or contact the career services office to set up a time to take an assessment. Some career assessments are available online but require login information that is available through the Career Center.

FOCUS 2none

FOCUS 2 will guide you through a reliable career and education decision making model and will help you choose a major and make informed decisions about careers. FOCUS 2 combines 5 self-assessments, career and major exploration, action planning and decision making in one comprehensive on-line assessment.

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The Career Liftoff® Interest Inventory (CLII)none

The Career Liftoff® Interest Inventory (CLII) is a new, state-of-the-art tool that assesses the career interests of individuals and compares them to the interest profiles of various career fields. Respondents indicate the extent to which they enjoy performing a wide range of activities. Students have a high likelihood of being satisfied in a career field if their interest scores are high in that CLII career field.

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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

This assessment helps you understand your personality type and how your personality preferences might impact your career choices. This widely used assessment in business and industry also gives you insight on how to work with others with different personality styles.

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Values Clarification

A staff member can talk with you to determine your values and how they fit with a career. Family, money, travel and lifestyle are some of the values that impact career satisfaction. Values are also the motivators for you to find a meaningful career that satisfies you and the lifestyle you aspire to have one day.


Make an appointment with a career staff member today to take an assessment and explore your possibilities! We look forward to helping you with this exploration.