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Job Search

The job market is becoming increasingly competitive every day, but it doesn't have to be scary. Career Services recommends all graduating seniors schedule an appointment to prepare for the job search and develop a plan before graduation.

Review the links below before coming to your meeting.

Tips for preparing materials
Don't go into battle without the right ammo. Be prepared! Before you start your job search make sure to have your materials for applications ready to go. Below you'll find resume and cover letter templates to the right to help you construct your own dynamic materials.

Don't forget that interviewing is a skill that requires practice. Review your strengths and weaknesses during interviewing and work to get better.

Where to start?
Once you've fine-tuned your resume and cover letter it's time to start applying for jobs. Career Services recommend you upload your application materials on College Central. This website will display your information for potential employers and give you access to up-to-date job listings in your field.

Career fairs are another great resource for job hunters. Listed below are several of the more helpful job fairs sponsored by William Peace University.

Ask for help
Networking is an invaluable tool in the search for a job. Reach out to people you've worked with during internships or career positions as well as other members of the WPU community who have worked in your desired field.

Spending 20 to 30 minutes with an experienced professional can put you on the right path. If you're not sure who to talk to, William Peace University provides its alumni access to the e-mentor network where you can speak with a member of the WPU community.