It’s a fact. Internships not only provide important context to classroom study – they also help you gain an advantage for future employment.  

The accolades about the success of our internship program keep pouring in. In a competitive job market, employers are looking for more than just academic credentials, they want hands-on experience, too.

That’s why finding the right internship as an undergraduate student can put you in a position to land the right job after graduation. Here, you’ll complete an internship beginning as soon as your junior year, after taking three courses in your major. It’s a WPU requirement – and it’s central to what will set you apart as a Peace graduate, whether you plan to continue your education in graduate school or embark on a career after graduation. In addition to the mandatory internship, WPU’s Career Services can also help you find additional internships to get you deeper experience or to enable you to explore other aspects of your field.

WPU students gain outside-of-the-classroom knowledge and skills through internship experiences like student-teaching

Internships At-a-Glance

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WPU Grads found jobs in their field or went to grad school within a year of graduating
Students land jobs directly through internship experience

Internship FAQs

How do Internships work?

Every 40 hours of onsite work at an internship translates to one credit hour (120 hours = 3 credit hours) and students can earn up to six credit hours through internships. Internships can be paid or unpaid and grades are awarded for each completed internship.

All internships will be reviewed by William Peace University faculty to ensure goals and objectives of the position compliment the students’ learning and professional goals.

Once you begin your internship, it’s important to continuously seek and receive mentoring and feedback. Introduce yourself to various departments within the organization and talk with your internship coordinator about attending meetings, networking opportunities, professional organization meetings and receiving an introduction to top-level management,. Not only is it important for an intern to learn duties and tasks associated with an entry-level position and experiences but to also have exposure to the entire organization.

How do I find an Internship?

Be proactive. Look at the websites of companies or organizations that interest you. If you see an internship you like, forward the internship description to Career Services for approval. If you’re having trouble finding internships on external websites, the College Central Network also lists Internships under jobs posted at my school. If you’re the creative type and instead want to design your own internship based on your career and educational goals, make an appointment with Career Services and we will assist you in obtaining approval by your major department and Career Services.

Internship information sessions are also offered each semester prior to registration. Every student is required to attend an internship information session in which they will begin their registration and receive dates for deadlines and information needed to complete this requirement.

What is the Internship Class?

Students are required to meet with a faculty member once every two weeks during their internship semester. The class meeting times are listed in the course schedule under your major and the course number 490 (for example Communication Internship is COM 490, Psychology is PSY 490, etc.)

The class syllabus will detail the requirements of the Internship Program and complementary assignments. Be sure not to schedule internship work time, other classes or any other work or activities during this class time.

You will be graded (A, B, C, D, or F) based on obtaining your learning objectives, attendance and participation in your Internship Class, class assignments and your site supervisor’s evaluation.

What is an exit interview?

Students are required to meet with Career Services after the supervisor and student evaluations are completed. Check your syllabus for the dates you may schedule your exit interview. At this time, we will review your site supervisor’s evaluation, the status of your learning objectives and how your internship experience has impacted your career goals.

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Paige Ingalls '16

“It’s not just playing with kids all day, there’s a lot of planning and it’s a lot of work. But being around kids all day is a lot of fun.”

Paige Ingalls ’16, A Day In The Life Of A Student-Teacher
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