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Communication and media studies majors study the various ways in which communication serves to inform, persuade, entertain and control. Additionally, students also develop technical and professional writing skills, working with deadlines and effective speaking. Graduates go on to various careers in areas such as technical writing, public relations, television production and media coordination.

Recent internships include:

News 14 Carolina
SAS Institute
Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Wake Education Partnership
French West Vaughn (Public Relations Firm)
Disney World
Garner Citizen
National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Recent employment of communication majors:

Promotions Writer and Producer, WLFL 22
Marketing & Events Coordinator,
Campaign Assistant, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Event Planner, Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce
Customer Care Professional, Time Warner Cable
Business Technology Teacher, Warren County Middle School
Controlled Substance Specialist, Doe & Ingalls of North Carolina
Teacher, Richmond Public Schools
Coordinator, Dick Broadcasting Company
Events Coordinator, Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce

Recent graduate school acceptances:

UNC Charlotte School of Law
UNC Charlotte Communication Studies
Newcastle University, Newcastle, UK Masters in Media Studies
Huron University, London, England, Masters of Marketing