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Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary program that provides an overview of the scientific, economic, cultural, and policy elements of the environment and the issues touching it. The EVS major draws on both liberal arts and pre-professional disciplines, including Biology, Chemistry, Anthropology, Political Science, Business Administration, Global Studies, and Communication.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 10% of new jobs by 2033 will be “green” careers. Examples of these new careers include the following: environmental safety specialist, environmental coordinator or planner or permitting specialist, risk assessor, greenways coordinator, nature preserve manager, carbon broker, protection technician, sustainability coordinator, environmental educator, ecotour guide, lobbyist, and many more.

According to Peterson's, "Environmental Studies graduates can expect to find careers as environmental planners, analysts and policy-makers. Of course, you can also work for a corporation, managing their compliance with environmental regulations and conducting audits of internal environmental efficiency (EE). Graduates can also work in the conservation or public sector managing or protecting natural resources. The degree is also a good starting point for an advanced degree. Environmental studies can prepare students for degrees in medicine, law, and graduate studies."