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Liberal Studies

The Liberal Studies major does more than give students skills for the workplace, it prepares them for life by teaching them to become thinkers and learners. This program steps outside the confines of the typical classroom experience and offers students choices and flexibility as they dig deeper into important issues facing society.

Instead of telling students what they need to learn, we invite them to build their own curriculum that fits their specific needs and interests. This major is not for students who are unsure of their direction but rather those who have a passion for learning in all forms. Through this multi-disciplinary approach, students are taught to ask questions, gather information and evaluate evidence. They're presented with challenging coursework that forces them to delve into difficult issues, confront moral problems and better understand the world they live in.

With the breadth and depth this major offers students explore topics they might have otherwise overlooked. This experience provides a perspective students use to cultivate their own concentration and build a degree that fits their future goals.

Students are required to take two critical thinking seminars as well as 30 hours in seven of the following eight liberal studies areas: English, Fine Arts, Foreign Languages, History, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Philosophy/Religion and Social Sciences.

After completing the general course requirements, students take 18 to 24 hours in one subject. Concentrations are more flexible than minors are. They can be composed of courses from two or more disciplines and focused upon a common theme. If WPU does not offer a concentration in your field of interest, you can create your own. In the past students have studied pre-Pharmacy, pre-Nursing, language translation and more.

Liberal Studies Concentrations (please note that the following list is not exhaustive):

English (ENG) History (HIS) Philosophy / Religion (PHL, REL)
Fine Arts (THE, ART) Mathematics (MAT) Social Sciences (PSC, PSY, ANT)
Foreign Languages (SPA)  Natural Sciences (BIO, CHE, ANT)  

From there students can take advantage of our unique internship program to put their knowledge to practice. The Liberal Arts major at WPU is the best of both worlds. We give you the room to learn and grow while providing the structure to help you reach your goals.

Name Title
Duncan, Charles S. Department Chair, Associate Professor Email Me More Info
McElreath, F. Scott Associate Professor, Philosophy Email Me More Info