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Political Science

Political science focuses on governmental organizations including the formulation and implementation of public policy. Several opportunities exist for students who have an interest in understanding the organizational make-up and functioning of governmental organizations, along with a desire to study contemporary issues, people and their behavior and the law.

This major is designed for students interested in public service careers including federal, state or local government, city management and urban planning, international organizations, non-profit institutions and government relations work in private firms. Political science majors develop skills such as analyzing data, written and oral communication and effective decision-making.

Graduates go on to various careers in areas such as law enforcement, political campaign management, community relations and state and federal government jobs.

Recent internships include:

North Carolina Republican Party
North Carolina Democratic Party
Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Guardian ad Litem, NC
District Attorney's Office
North Carolina General Assembly
Urban Ministries, NC
Lutheran Family Service, NC
Boyce & Boyce law firm
Tarlton & McEnery law firm

Recent employment by political science majors:

Wages and Hours Investigator, United States Department of Labor
Coordinator, United States Department of Veteran's Affairs
Disability Determination Specialist, Social Security Administration, Disability Determination Services
Aide, North Carolina Republican Party

Recent graduate school acceptances:

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law
New England School of Law
Eastern Carolina University, Public Administration
Campbell University School of Law
Thomas Cooley School of Law
North Carolina Central University School of Law
Stetson School of Law