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If you are interested in attending law school and becoming a lawyer or judge, the pre-law major is for you. At William Peace University, pre-law majors do not just study their field-they work in it, connect to it and prepare to lead in it. Several opportunities exist for students who have an interest in understanding the law.

Internship opportunities include but are not limited to

Federal, state and county courthouses, including the North Carolina Supreme Court
The North Carolina Legislative Building and the Governor's Mansion
The District Attorney's Office in Wake County
Law enforcement headquarters for Raleigh, Wake County and the State of North Carolina
More than 400 law firms
The Campbell University School of Law (with three other law schools--Duke University, North Carolina Central, and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill--within thirty miles)
Administrative offices for state agencies from agriculture to transportation
Headquarters for the North Carolina Democratic and Republican parties
Major public policy research organizations that influence the legislative process at local, state, and national levels
Non-profit agencies delivering services to citizens across North Carolina
Digital, electronic, and print news outlets that cover local, state, national, and international politics