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noneAnthropology is offered as a minor or as a concentration in the Liberal Studies major. Anthropology is most simply defined as the study of humans, in all of our wondrous similarities and differences. It is a field that explores the important question of what makes us human by studying our unique biology and our diverse societies and cultures.

Anthropology helps students to understand and value human diversity, to develop an appreciation for their local context, as well as a global awareness, and to embrace an interdisciplinary perspective by drawing on both the natural and social sciences and the humanities.

Be sure to watch the video located on the left of the screen. It details an excavation project at Fort Caswell on Oak Island, NC in which our students worked closely with students and professors from UNC-Wilmington. Click here for a direct link.

Name Title
Lauch, Alexandra Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology Email Me More Info
Melomo, Vincent Department Chair, Associate Professor Email Me More Info