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The courses listed below are for the 2012-13 Academic Catalog and are subject to change. Please reference the Academic Catalog for further information and course descriptions. If you are a current student, please reference the catalog in which you come under.

Required Courses  7 credit hours

ANT 214: Cultural Anthropology: People and Culture 3

ANT 216: Biological Anthropology (Physical Anthropology) 4

Elective Course Choices  12 credit hours

ANT 218: Archaeology: People in the Past 3

ANT 240: Anthropology of Death 3

ANT 295/395/495: Special Topics 1

ANT 305: Hispanic Voices in the United States 3

ANT 315 : Globalization: People and Culture 3

ANT 368: American Ethnic Relations 3

ANT 370: The Female of the Species: A Biocultural, Anthropological Perspective 3

ANT 380: India: Past and Present 3

ANT 392/492: Directed Study 2

ANT 450: Archaeological Fieldwork 4