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WPU professors don't have to look for proof of what the Biology Department does for its students. It comes to them. Every semester the phone calls, emails and letters come from graduates, thanking the professors for preparing them for their post-graduate work and meaningful careers with top companies.

It's no mistake WPU biology students hit the ground running when they graduate. We offer small class sizes with experienced faculty members who take a stake in your future. Through exciting lab opportunities, students step out of the classroom and truly experience the field. WPU also provides teaching assistantships to exceptional students where they can work alongside professors and get valuable teaching and research experience.

Students have the option of majors in Biology. The Bachelor of Science track is a focused degree emphasizing math, chemistry and physics and is an avenue for careers in dental, medical, and veterinary fields, as well as graduate studies in these and other areas.

The Bachelor of Arts track is a flexible degree that allows students to pursue their science studies along with electives to prepare them for careers in nursing, health administration, medical technology, pharmaceutical sales, crime investigation, museum education and more.

This program was designed with desirable outcomes in mind. Graduates from the WPU biology program are consistently accepted to prestigious graduate programs and have found positions at companies like GlaxoSmithKline, Osiris, Biogen, Norach, the U.S. Army and more.

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Bonner, Lisa A. Department Chair, Associate Professor Email Me More Info
Myer, Patrick Associate Professor Email Me More Info