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The courses listed below are for the Academic Catalog and are subject to change. Please reference the Academic Catalog for further information and course descriptions. If you are a current student, please reference the catalog in which you come under.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Liberal Education Curriculum  49 credit hours
Communication Core Courses  24 credit hours
Communication Concentration  12 credit hours
General Electives  35 credit hours
Total credit hours for the B.A. in Communication  120 credit hours

Communication Core Courses 24 credit hours

COM 200: Media and Culture 3

COM 220: Design and Typography I 3

COM 230: Media Writing 3

COM 270: Digital Media Convergence 3

COM 300: Communication Research 3

COM 480: Communication Agency 3


Communication Electives 6


With the help of your academic advisor, you will create a focus within your major by choosing one of the following concentrations):

Concentration in Graphic Design  12 credit hours

COM 317: Design and Typography II 3

COM 329: Imaging 3

COM 417: Advanced Graphic Design Studio 3

COM 420: Motion for the Screen 3

Concentration in Integrated Media  12 credit hours

COM 211: Interactive and Social Media 3

COM 390: Multimedia Editing 3

COM 420: Motion for the Screen 3

COM 475: Creating the Documentary 3

Concentration in Public Relations  12 credit hours

COM 240: Introduction to Public Relations 3

COM 340: Public Relations Techniques 3

COM 465: Strategic Communication Campaigns 3

BSA 331: Advertising 3

General Electives  35 credit hours