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Political Science

Get more out of college than just a degree. Learn to make a difference.

Political Science majors at William Peace University impact their communities' everyday through exciting positions in politics, government, law and more. We offer an engaging curriculum rooted in relevant skills and taught by professors with real world experience including practicing law, administering major city and state agencies, managing political campaigns and analyzing politics for state and national media outlets.

Political science focuses on governmental organizations including the formulation and implementation of public policy. Several opportunities exist for students who have an interest in understanding the organizational make-up and functioning of governmental organizations, along with a desire to study contemporary issues, people and their behavior and the law.

This major is designed for students interested in public service careers including federal, state or local government, city management and urban planning, international organizations, non-profit institutions and government relations work in private firms. Political science majors develop skills such as analyzing data, written and oral communication and effective decision-making.

The Raleigh Experience is an innovative new program putting WPU students in the middle of the exciting world of North Carolina politics. Students fill their contact lists with professional contacts as they spend their final semester of college working in four different full-time internships in the heart of the state capital.

During the senior year, a WPU Political Science major will participate in an intensive (40 hours per week) learning experience, similar to a co-op program at other institutions (click here to read our Q&A on co-op at WPU). They will work for sponsoring organizations in three areas related to the Political Science discipline, which can include: advocacy/lobbying, governance, law, non-profit administration, politics, policy research, and public administration. During the semester, they will rotate through four, four-week practicums and be concurrently enrolled in their senior seminar course. During one session of The Raleigh Experience, a student might be helping legislators draft bills in the General Assembly. The next they could assist an attorney research as he or she prepares for trial.

And with WPU's downtown Raleigh location, most of these opportunities are within walking distance of campus. Of course, you can always explore opportunities in other locations, such as Washington, D.C. if you are interested in federal agencies.

The Political Science major offers more than just a top-notch education: it gives students an experience no other school in North Carolina can offer.

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