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Ever wonder about human behavior and the human mind? The psychology major teaches students about the world around them by focusing on its smallest component -- the individual. By learning the methodology and principles of psychology, students are able to examine the behavior, thought, feelings and interactions of humans.

Working closely with professors in small class sizes, students are challenged to refine their critical thinking and analytical skills through rigorous coursework. Students learn not just about the inner workings of the brain but also personality, perception, thinking and social interaction. The psychology major at WPU gives students an opportunity to do hands on research and develop a truly unique perspective on society.

Our curriculum is outcome focused, preparing students for positions in social work, counseling, psychology as well as other non-major specific careers. WPU psychology majors have also gone onto law school and graduate programs in social work, school counseling and sports psychology.

Name Title
Cushman, Mark W Associate Professor Email Me More Info
Meginnis-Payne, Kayce Associate Professor Email Me More Info
Witcher, Betty S. Department Chair, Associate Professor Email Me More Info