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Honors Program



The Honors Program is one of the most exciting and prestigious programs on campus, providing academically talented and motivated students opportunities to study, conduct research and exchange ideas in a challenging and supportive academic environment.

The Honors Program isn't about forcing students into a mold but rather encouraging them to blaze their own trail. With the guidance of a dynamic faculty, students explore topics that arouse curiosity and promote intellectual discovery and development. Honors students also have the freedom to choose the path of their academic career and develop a course load that fits their desired outcome.

Members of the Honors Program are encouraged to choose from a variety of courses that fulfill Liberal Education requirements including, but certainly not limited to: psychology, biology, cultural and physical anthropology, literature and public speaking. There are also a wide variety of Honors courses regularly offered at the upper level (300 or higher), many of which are tied into individual majors.

noneThe benefits of becoming a William Peace University Honors student are truly endless. We believe that studying with a core group of students in more than one course promotes group identity and supports open and engaging discussions in the classroom.

Enrollment in honors courses is restricted: students can expect smaller class sizes, dedicated faculty and highly interactive and engaging classes.

During their junior and senior years, many honors students conduct research with faculty in their field and present their work at regional and national conferences, such as the National Conference for Undergraduate Research (NCUR).