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Article Databases By Name

Academic Search Complete
Includes academic journal articles pertaining to nearly every topic taught at Peace.

American Slavery
Includes a selection of over 4,000 slave narratives, related sources, and an archives of Folk Culture Sound Recordings.  

Art and Architecture Complete
This database covers a wide variety of subjects, including antiques, art and art history, interior and landscape design, and much more.  In addition to articles and books, the database provides 63,000 images.

Includes items listed on the table of contents pages of journals of various subjects, describes one article, news story, letter, or other item from a journal in each record, and provides a list of libraries that have the journal title for most items.

Biography Reference Center
Provides nearly half a million biographies searchable by name or category (e.g. actors, inventors, etc).

Business Abstracts with Full Text
Provides access to a multitude of sources--from The New York Times Business Section and The Wall Street Journal to magazines and scholarly journals--that include feature articles, product reviews, interviews, biographical sketches, corporate profiles, obituaries, surveys, book reviews, reports from associations, societies, trade shows and conferences, and more. 

Business Source Complete
Contains business articles, company profiles, country reports, industry reports, market research reports, and SWOT analyses.

CAMIO (Art Museum Images Online)
Includes images of photographs, prints, sculptures, paintings,  decorative arts and utilitarian objects, drawings and water colors, costume and jewelry, textiles, architecture and more from around the world.

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Full access to The Chronicle's website, all content from the print version, a searchable archive of past content, all data from the annual Almanac, and more.  

CINAHL Complete (Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature)
Includes journal articles about nursing, allied health, biomedicine and healthcare.

Includes documents published in Latin American journals specializing in the social sciences, humanities, science, and technology.

Communication and Mass Media Complete
Provides the most comprehensive collection of articles on all aspects of communications and mass media.

Consumer Health Complete
Includes thousands of evidence-based health reports, hundreds of medical images and diagrams, videos, pamphlets and leaflets, and animations pertaining to health related topics.

CQ Researcher
Includes in-depth articles that contain unbiased coverage of health, social trends, criminal justice, international affairs, education, the environment, technology, the economy, and other relevant issues in the news.

CQ Weekly
Contains weekly reports on the world's most powerful legislative body that date back to 1983.

Education Full Text
Indexes and abstracts of international education periodicals, monographs (since 1995), and yearbooks; includes over 200 periodicals; and contains materials concerned with education related topics.

Entrepreneurial Studies Source
Provides full text articles, reference books, case studies, company profiles, and videos with transcripts related to entrepreneurship and small businesses. 

Environment Complete
This resource offers deep coverage in applicable areas of agriculture, ecosystem ecology, energy, renewable energy sources, natural resources, marine & freshwater science, geography, pollution & waste management, environmental technology, environmental law, public policy, social impacts, urban planning, and more.

Provides records of journal articles and other education-related materials. If available, links to full text are included.  Within the ERIC Collection, you will find records for journal articles, books, research syntheses, conference papers, technical reports, policy papers, and other education-related materials.

General Science Full Text
Includes science-related articles, abstracts, indexing, graphs, charts, diagrams, photos, and illustrations that convey an abundance of scientific information. 

Provides access to all kinds of U.S. government documents, including Congressional reports, hearings, debates, and records, as well as judiciary materials and documents issued by executive departments.

Health Source (Consumer Edition)
Includes magazines, current pamphlets, and full-text reference books related to consumer health.

Health Source (Nursing/Academic Edition)
Includes scholarly journals, indexed and abstracted journals, and peer-reviewed full text journals related to health.

Hoover's is a business research platform that allows you to search U.S. and international company listings by industry, size, & geography to build lists, create marketing plans, conduct competitive analysis, and raise funds.

Humanities Full Text
Includes articles and abstracts pertaining to arts and humanities, history and literature, religious studies, visual and performing arts, behavioral and social sciences, and archeology and anthropology.

In The First Person
Provides an in-depth index to letters, diaries, oral histories, and personal narratives from around the world.

International Bibliography of Theatre and Dance
Covers theatre and the performing arts.

Includes academic journals containing full-text articles from the humanities, social sciences, and sciences.

Learning Express Library
Contains practice tests, exercises, skill-building courses, eBooks, and information to aid the learning process.

Legal Information Reference Center
Contains hundreds of full-text legal publications and thousands of legal forms.

LexisNexis Academic
Provides access to news, business, and legal publications, using a variety of flexible search options.

Library, Information Science, and Technology Abstracts with Full Text
Subject coverage includes librarianship, classification, cataloging, bibliometrics, online information retrieval, information management and more. Coverage in the database extends back as far as the mid-1960s.

Literary Reference Center Plus
Provides users with a broad spectrum of information on thousands of authors and their works across literary disciplines and timeframes through plot summaries, synopses, work overviews, articles and essays of literary criticism, biographies, literary journals, book reviews, poems, short stories, and interviews.

MAS Complete
Useful for Education majors considering teaching high school.  This database provides hundreds of popular high school magazines, reference books, over 100,000 primary source documents, and over half a million images.

MasterFile Complete
Contains periodicals, photos, maps, flags, primary source documents, and reference books that cover general reference, business, health, education, general science, multicultural issues and much more.

MLA International Bibliography
Covers literature, language and linguistics, folklore, literary theory and criticism, dramatic arts, as well as the historical aspects of printing and publishing. Listings on rhetoric and composition and the history, theory, and practice of teaching language and literature are also included.

Military & Government Collection
Provides from military and general interest publications that are designed to bring current news to all branches of the military and matters relating to the military and military life.

Morningstar Investment Research Center
Includes research and independent opinions on thousands of mutual funds, stocks, and hundreds of ETFs. 

Newspaper Source Plus
Includes newspaper articles, television and radio news transcripts, and videos and podcasts from major news corporations.

North American Women's Letters and Diaries
Includes the immediate experiences of 1,325 women and 150,000 pages of diaries and letters.

North Carolina Periodicals Index
Selectively indexes about 60 periodicals published in North Carolina, covering subjects in the arts and humanities, social sciences, and physical and natural sciences.

PBS Online Video Collection
Over 100 new videos were recently added, bringing the total collection to more than 550. The collection covers the sciences, US and world history, biography, current events, and the arts, as well as a variety of other subjects. Highlights include many of Ken Burns' documentaries, the full version of Eyes on the Prize, several Masterpiece Theater videos, and more!

Philosopher's Index
Contains abstracts for research in all major areas of philosophy.

Points of View Reference Center
This database is designed to provide students with a series of essays that present multiple sides of a current issue. Topics covered include: affirmative action, cloning, DNA profiling, HIV/AIDS status disclosure, immigration, Iraq, Israel & the Palestinians, Katrina and FEMA response, nuclear proliferation, separation of church and state, standardized testing, stem cell research, tax cuts, voting machines, and many more.

Contains articles from journals published by various Psychological Associations on the topics of Behavioral & Social Sciences: Psychology, Clinical Medicine: Psychiatry, and Pharmacology: Psychopharmacology.

Contains abstracts of literature in the field of Psychology including journal articles, books, peer-reviewed journal articles, reports, and dissertations.

Comprises more than 20 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books.

Readers' Guide Full Text
Contains abstracts of articles from popular periodicals published in the U.S. and Canada that include current events and news, fine art, fashion, education, business, sports, health and nutrition, consumer affairs, and more that date back to 1994.

Readers' Guide Retrospective 1890-1982
This database is the same as Readers Guide Full Text, except that it covers much older materials. 

Regional Business News
Provides articles from journals, newspapers, and newswires for regional U.S. and Canada business publications.

Rosetta Stone
Our subscription provides access to the first level of all 30 languages offered by Rosetta Stone.  You will need to create a free account with them the first time you use it.  Please read the instructions carefully and ask us if you have any trouble using it.

Science Reference Center
Includes articles on science-related topics in the fields of biology, chemistry, earth science, environmental science, health & medicine, history of science, life science, physics, science & society, science as inquiry, scientists, technology, and wildlife.

Serials Directory
Provides access to the most up-to-date and accurate bibliographic information as well as current pricing structures for popular serials.

Small Business Reference Center
This resource offers a wide variety of information on small business and entrepreneurial subject areas, common business types, a help and advice section, and provides information on how to create business plans that lead to successful funding.

Social Sciences Full Text
Includes articles and abstracts that cover the latest concepts, trends, opinions, theories, and methods from both applied and theoretical aspects of the social sciences.

Teacher Reference Center
Contains articles and abstracts on education-related topics which include: Assessment, Best Practices, Continuing Education, Current Pedagogical Research, Curriculum Development, Elementary Education, Higher Education, Instructional Media, Language Arts, Literacy Standards, School Administration, Science and Mathematics, and Teacher Education.

Contains articles to help explore social, political and economic issues, scientific discoveries and other popular topics discussed in today's classrooms including controversial opinions and viewpoints from sources including international and regional newspapers, periodicals, biographies, public opinion polls, book reviews, pamphlets, and government information.

Wall Street Journal
Includes page-by-page images and articles from the journal dating back to 1889.

Contains the records of books, journals, musical scores, computer data files, magazines, newspapers, computer programs, manuscripts, sound recordings, films and slides, maps, and videotapes from various libraries around the world.