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Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a free service to obtain books and journal articles that are not available at Finch Library for the educational, research and general needs of the university community. It is available to current students, staff and faculty at William Peace University who are in good standing with the library. 

How Do I Request Material? Submit requests using a completed ILL request form. Fill out forms completely for each book or article requested; providing as much information as possible will improve the chances of finding the item.  Please note that other libraries will not lend us textbooks.

Please ask a librarian for assistance if you have questions. Be sure that Finch Library does not own the item or have access to it online (check the library catalog and JournalFinder) before requesting - requests for items that are available here will be returned to you.

What Can I Borrow? In general, reference materials, computer software, textbooks, books published in the past six months and rare materials cannot be borrowed. Books owned by Finch Library that are temporarily in use will not be borrowed (you may place a hold on material that is checked out).

How Long Does It Take? The time needed to obtain an item depends upon the difficulty of the request, the proximity of the lending library, and the amount of requests to be processed. Please allow a minimum of one week to receive your request, but be aware that it may take longer.

When Do I Have To Return Items? The due date of books is determined by the lending library and will be indicated on the borrowed item. Return items to the circulation desk, leaving the ILL identification band on the book. Renewal of borrowed items should be requested at least four days prior to the due date; renewals are at the discretion of the lending library. All borrowed materials are subject to recall and must be returned promptly. Photocopies of articles need not be returned.

How Much Does It Cost? There is no cost for interlibrary loan requests unless a library charges us and the patron fails to pick up the material. The library will then pass the charges on to the patron.

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Finch Library cooperates with several nearby academic libraries to provide you with local access to over 4 million additional books. Ask at the circulation desk for a CRC loan request form before going to the other library.

Wake County Public Libraries: Want best sellers and other popular books? Try the Wake County Public Libraries. There are 20 convenient WCPL locations throughout the county: the Express Library on Fayetteville Street is only a mile south of campus, the Cameron Village Regional Library is a mile west and the Richard B Harrison Library is a mile and a half east.