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Study Abroad Programs

Take your education on the road with one of William Peace University's enriching semester abroad programs. Students earn college credits as they learn new languages, experience exciting cultures and gain a valuable perspective on the world.

Our International Programs bring the pages of your textbook to life by immersing you in foreign cultures and providing unforgettable learning experiences. Imagine exploring the mountain ranges of Mexico or the walking through a bustling village market in Korea. The possibilities are endless.

Recent destinations for our students have included England, Ireland, Wales the Netherlands, France, Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Australia, Morocco and South Africa.

We offer a variety of different study abroad opportunities including short-term faculty-led trips, semester abroad programs and summer programs.

Former study abroad student Sabrina Fuller said her semester in Mexico changed the way she looked at the world:

"(We) come back with a new outlook on life as students and as individuals," Fuller said. "(We were) immersed into a new culture and ... made to appreciate the history and customs of the ancient Maya civilization as well as observe how these traditions have affected modern Mexican life."

WPU has consortium agreements with a number of Study Abroad programs and universities. Students may use these or other options to serve their educational needs:

Apply: Selection for Semester Abroad study is a competitive process so you'll want to get your application in as soon as possible. To be selected for semester abroad study, students must have a strong GPA, recommendations from faculty and meet with the International Programs Team. Enrollment in a program of study abroad approved for credit by William Peace University may be considered as enrollment at William Peace University for the purpose of applying for assistance under the title IV, HEA programs.

Find the right program: Ready to take the plunge? Schedule a visit with Program Assistant Adair Robertson (919.508.2754, and your academic advisor to explore all of the available options.