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Summer School


William Peace University 2016 Summer Schedule

Get a step ahead!
William Peace University offers a convenient Summer School program that can help you get a leg up this summer. In a short amount of time, you can knock out one of your required courses or pick up credit for one of your electives. It's a great way to get a step ahead. We're conveniently located in downtown Raleigh, with plenty of parking next to where your class will take place. Click on our schedule above and explore your options.

Summer day courses and internships, as well as Saturday, Evening and Online courses, are $275/credit hour.

Current College Students
Want to pick up credit hours by learning in a relaxed environment with excellent faculty? Spend your summer in Raleigh this year. You can take interesting courses while you complete your internship, work a part-time job or just take it easy.

WPU offers a wide array of courses and internships in every major. Taking courses or completing your internship during the summer is an inexpensive way to get closer to graduation.

Future College Students
Get a leg up on the competition by starting your college journey right away. William Peace University offers students who've completed their sophomore year of high school the opportunity to earn college credits in the summer.

We offer a variety of courses that count toward graduation at WPU as well as most other colleges and universities throughout the country. You will be taught by outstanding faculty members and learn in well-equipped classrooms. Plus you'll get to spend your summer in beautiful downtown Raleigh.

Intern During the Summer
The summer is a great time to intern in a local or not-so-local organization. You can earn three to six hours of internship credit over the summer. Contact the Office of Career Services by email or 919.508.2007

Session I: May 9 through May 27. Classes meet every day, except where noted in the schedule
Session II: June 1 thru June 22. Classes meet every day, except where noted in the schedule

Summer Internship Registration Form.

Sign Up Today: Register for classes through WebAdvisor (just like you do for fall and spring)

Sign up for summer classes by contacting the Registrar at 919.508.2012 or emailing