AB President's Corner


Winter 2013

As our fall semester comes to a close, and we begin to look forward to our spring semester, I would like to welcome you back to William Peace University!

Last fall, we officially welcomed the Class of 2017 to campus. These future alumni represent the largest incoming class in the history of our venerable institution, and I can hardly believe another year is already half over. Yet, as I walk the pathways of our Alma Mater on my routine visits, I see a terrific group of young women and men on personal journeys to become ethical, global citizens who are focused on meaningful careers.

As an alumna, I feel a renewed energy on campus. And, my hope is that I can encourage you to reconnect with Peace.

I've been involved for many years now as a career mentor, a panelist for Career Connections, and I've hired Peace graduates through my company, Nextaff (a Workforce Strategies Company), here in Raleigh. I've also served as a class agent, helping raise funds for our Alma Mater through gifts made to The Loyalty Fund, as well as been as an event volunteer and a member of the Alumni Board.

So, it was a great honor to be nominated and then elected as Alumni Board President last year (2012-13), serving alongside members of the board, and the executive committee. Being re-elected for the 2013-14 academic year tells me that my peers believe in what we’re doing at Peace, as a collective of alumni dedicated to the success of our institution and its students.

One personal memory I hold precious is the day I arrived on the Peace campus as a fresh-faced first-year in 1996. As a student, I spent the next four years making memories, creating deep friendships and cultivating lasting connections. When I walked across the Commencement stage with both an AA and BA in hand, I felt a sense of accomplishment that I hold dear to me still. It's a feeling that I wish for every new and returning WPU student.

The pride I feel in my Alma Mater today comes from many places: memories from when I was a student, lasting friendships that weathered both the test of time and transition, the foundation of confidence I found through my academic programs, and the sense of accomplishment I gained as I entered the real world knowing Peace had given me the foundation I needed to be successful.

Though our institution is an ever-changing living place, WPU is an exceptional learning environment. Today's students will benefit greatly from our continued small classroom environment and a focus on career preparation.

Throughout the year, the Alumni Board will continue to focus on working more often with students, demonstrating the positive impact they, too, can have as future alumni, as well as encouraging today's alumni to "Stay Informed. Stay Involved, and Stay Connected." As alumni get to know our students, they will also see what amazingly talented and professional leaders we have and we hope they will want to support WPU students to become strong future alumni leaders in our communities. 

As the fall semester ends and the spring semester gets underway, I hope you will join me and other Alumni Board members at various campus events and activities. Don't miss our Duke Energy Honors Speaker Series, the spring slate of concerts and comedy shows, and especially Peace College alumna Fortune Feimster's (Class of 2000, 2002) comedu show on April 24. We also hope you come back and take in one of our performing arts events. Be sure to read your copy of the Winter 2014 PEACE BULLETIN, our alumni magazine, when it arrives in January. If you don't recieve our bi-monthly email newsletters, make sure you update your address with the Office of Engagement. And, check out all the campus happenings at www.peace.edu/events.

I hope you will choose to stay informed, get involved, and reconnect with our Alma Mater.  Peace needs all of its alumni and friends to help provide opportunities for our students and future graduates.


Rachel Beach Reynolds '98 '00
President, Alumni Board