AB President's Corner

noneSpring/Summer 2014

As we celebrate and welcome the Class of 2014 as our newest alumni, I hope you will join me in also welcoming our new Alumni Board President for 2014-15: Allison Leggett Woolard ’01.

In passing the gavel to her, I know I’m leaving our alumni in terrific hands!

Looking back over my tenure of the past two years, we’ve made great strides in connecting current students to alumni mentors, and we are seeing alumni returning in big numbers to the Peace campus. It’s an exciting momentum that I know will continue with Alli’s leadership.

Many of you probably recognize Alli because she’s on campus every week for Cross Fit, Zumba, concerts, plays, comedy shows and receptions, in spite of being owner of The Pink Alli boutique! As a Career Mentor, Alli has helped many students progress in their careers, and she lives and breathes our mission every day.

I know Alli will dedicate her time to teaching our future alumni the art of giving back to Peace and what it means to have an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s a legacy we both believe in.

With the Alumni Board making plans for the new academic year, I hope you will choose to “Stay Informed, Stay Involved, and Stay Connected” with our Alma Mater. And, I hope you will help me thank all of our dedicated alumni who volunteer throughout the year with students, faculty and staff, both on and off the Peace campus.

Thank you for a blessed two years,


Rachel Beach Reynolds '98 '00
President, Alumni Board