AB President's Corner

noneSummer/Fall 2014

I am so delighted to be named Alumni Board President this year, and I will proudly serve my Alma Mater during the course of the next two years (2014-2016).

As I received the gavel from Rachel Beach Reynolds '98 '00 late this summer, she told me how proud she was of the success we had in connecting so many wonderful Alumni to our students.

There is a long legacy of Peace women, like Rachel, who have come before us as Alumni Board Presidents, and I am grateful to be chosen to follow their footsteps on the pathways of this transformational campus. I'm also excited to be adding our Peace brothers to the fold, including one of our newest Alumni Board members, Dan Mekuria '13, a graduate from the School of Professional Studies.

Dan joins new members Jana Joyner '12 and McNair Rivers '00, in addition to our existing board members: Maria H. Ewing '12, Vice President; Jane Wall Bondurant ’71, Secretary; Elaina Bright ’11, Courtney A. Burns ’07, Jane Bowman Fain ’76, Jessica Coscia-Ferns '01, Carolyn Hollis Dickens ’72, Melina Jo Fullwood ’93, Kirsten Jarrell ’11, Jennifer Sewell Johnson ’85,  Farrah Knab ’11,  Megan E. Hoffner ’11, Faith M. Inman ’13, Sara Jo Allen Manning ’58 ’60, Louise “Lou” Taylor Montgomery ’62,  Jodi S. Nelson ’03, Elizabeth Smith Osborne ’86, Lisa Barrett Parker ’77, Patch Workman Perry ’61 and Jenny McNeill Purvis '04.

We are an active board, filled with talented, creative and dedicated Peace men and women, who will continue to reconnect each of YOU to our campus and our student body. What better role models, than previous Peace graduates? It's a legacy worth building on, and I hope you, too, will volunteer, attend our plays, musicals and other arts and events, go to athletic matches and games, and begin giving back of your time, talent, and treasure.

Many of you may already recognize me, because I'm on campus every week for Cross Fit, Zumba, concerts, plays, comedy shows and receptions, in spite of being owner of The Pink Alli boutique! As a Career Mentor, I also help students progress in their careers, and I really try to live and breathe our mission every day.

As my pledge to you and to our students, I will continue to dedicate my time to teaching our future alumni the art of giving back to Peace and what it means to have an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s a legacy we all believe in!

With the Alumni Board making plans for this academic year, I hope you will choose to “Stay Informed, Stay Involved, and Stay Connected” with our Alma Mater. And, I hope you will help me thank all of our dedicated alumni who volunteer throughout the year with students, faculty and staff, both on and off the Peace campus.

Thank you for a beautiful beginning,


Allison Leggett Woolard '99 '01
President, Alumni Board