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William Peace University's mission is to prepare students for careers in the organizations of tomorrow. And, with students as our main focus, several areas are in need of your support.

noneDinwiddie Chapel Mini Campaign, 2014-15

At this special time of year, full of thanksgiving and generosity of spirit, the Peace community wishes to express its gratitude for the many gifts made this past year, which have helped us update our beloved James Dinwiddie Chapel. This special sanctuary has been cherished throughout its history by students, faculty, staff and alumni alike.

It was – and still is – in need of love and tender care to maintain its awesome beauty.

Gifts made to-date allowed us most recently to re-paint the Chapel walls. Many of you who have stopped by have commented on how wonderful it looks. Many Alumni and friends have also asked what else needs to be done, and so I share with you today two additional areas we hope to update in the next few months, if funding is sufficient to support our vision:

  • The Chapel’s historic 1870 Pomplitz organ, which so many Dinwiddie brides have had played at their weddings, is in need of repair. Three pipes are cracked and can be fixed, but that comes with a rather large price tag. Our goal is to raise $25,000 to repair the pipes and to also provide a fund for future maintenance and restoration so that the organ maintains its original glory.
  • The second project is to permanently install a sound system in the Chapel, as many of you have commented how you wished your families had been able to hear your wedding vows throughout the chapel. Our goal for that installation is $10,000, which would allow us to purchase the necessary equipment that would blend into the wall color and at the same time give the entire room the comfort of hearing adequately from any pew during any service or wedding.

We know there are many deserving places which are in need of your support this year, and we hope that you might choose to make Peace a priority. Please consider helping complete these projects with us, so that we may continue to offer a loving and spiritual space for generations to come.

Make Your Secure Online Gift By Clicking Here. (Be sure to select "The Loyalty Fund" and enter "Dinwiddie Chapel" in the gift restriction line and add the words "sound system" or "organ" depending on where you would like your gift to go.)


The Pacer Club, 2014-15

JOIN THE PACER CLUB and support WPU Student athletes and our programs!

Nnoneow is YOUR CHANCE to support WPU’s women’s and men’s athletic teams, and all Pacer Athletics at William Peace University.

WPU athletics are only as good as the support they receive from their fans, alumni and the student body. This is why the support of those in the Pacer Club is so important.

Founded in 2004 by Kelly Johnson, Athletic Director, the Pacer Club has contributed to WPU athletic programs by raising money to improve facilities, provide upgrades in athletic training and sports information equipment, host the annual athletic banquet and ensure recruit weekends are special for prospective athletes.

With help from ALUMNI and FRIENDS, the Pacer Club has helped WPU renovate facilities and expand the size of its athletic department offerings. In the summer of 2012, the Hermann Center was renovated to improve its locker room facilities and basketball court. In 2012, WPU began competing in men’s sports with basketball, baseball, golf, soccer and cross country being introduced over a two year period, while also continuing to strengthen our women’s sports program.

The support of the Pacer Club is important and its impact very real. All contributions go directly to WPU athletics and help the university continue to field competitive programs.

Please consider helping the Pacers win the championships of tomorrow by making a secure gift online here. (Click on the make a gift link. In the gift restriction, write “Pacer Athletics.”)

We hope to see you in the stands this season, as men’s and women’s basketball ramps up!


The Performing Arts: Raise the Curtain, 2014-15

noneThe ARTS at Peace are ALIVE! And, if you’ve been in the audience lately, there is a synergy that can’t be denied. Our latest Broadway venture, Little Shop of Horrors, was a huge success – filling nearly 800 seats in just five days.

With talent blossoming, we NEED YOUR HELP to continue to build on the momentum that is PEACE THEATRE. Our campaign to RAISE THE CURTAIN gives you, the audience, a chance to get in on the act from behind the scenes.

Your gifts directly impacts funding for several projects, including:

  • KENAN AUDITORIUM - With proper sound equipment and lighting, this historic venue will continue to provide quality arts entertainment for the Raleigh community. But, we need YOUR support to make it happen!
  • ENRICHMENT PROGRAMMING FOR ASPIRING ARTISTS - William Peace University works throughout the year with guest performers and lecturers, providing opportunities for young and aspiring student artists. At the same time, these guest professionals often perform in free concerts that are open to the community. Help us continue to provide these experiences for our students and to you!
  • SCHOLARSHIP & TRAVEL FUNDS - William Peace University is dedicated to providing access to education and experiential learning, as we educate students for careers in the organizations of tomorrow. Our young actors, singers, dancers and performers often need help financially. Help us provide additional scholarship dollars and fund travel for students in our Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre and Bachelor of Arts in Theatre programs, and for additional travel opportunities for our community ambassadors, the William Peace University Singers.

Help us RAISE THE CURTAIN for the 54 current students in these programs and make an investment in the arts at Peace. If you make your gift before December 31, you’ll be invited to the exclusive Director’s Circle Unveiling this spring and get a sneak peek at next season’s lineup.

To make a gift to the performing arts, click here (and be sure to select "The Loyalty Fund" and then enter "performing arts" onto the gift restriction line, or use the key words for each campaign to restrict your gift).


noneStudent Scholarships

William Peace University is dedicated to ensuring access to the highest quality education. Throughout the year, the Office of Engagement works with the community to raise funds for WPU Scholarships and Awards, in addition to existing endowments.

Students can lower their college debt by applying for scholarships and awards to help pay for college. At WPU, qualified students are awarded renewable Merit Scholarships from $2,000 to $15,000 every year. Scholarships are awarded based on weighted cumulative grade point average and the highest combined critical reading and math SAT/ACT scores.

Additionally, William Peace University offers annual scholarships in the performing arts, student service, leadership and more. For a list of current scholarships that you can support with a secure online gift, click here.

To make a secure online gift in support of current scholarships, click here (and be sure to select "other" as the gift type, and then enter either "current scholarships" or the name of a specific scholarship in the gift restriction line).


Classroom Technology Initative

noneWilliam Peace University faculty are also spear-heading an initiative to raise funds for classroom technology.

Their goal is to be sure every classroom on campus has new multi-media technology and/or upgrades. From interactive white boards, to multi-media projectors with enhanced sound, to virtual technology equipment for online classes, faculty are calling for your support.

This initiative will support improvements in student learning and scholarship.

Make a gift toward "classroom technology" through our secure online giving page.