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University Priorities

William Peace University's mission is to prepare students for careers in the organizations of tomorrow. And, with students as our main focus, several areas are in need of your support.

Student Seating, 2013-14none

WPU's faculty-led naming opportunity initiative, led by Associate Dean Charlie Duncan, Ph.D., was announced in November.

Throughout 2013, the Student Government Association reported that students would like to see more seating areas in the middle of campus. Students continuously comment how beautiful our campus is, but the lack of comfortable seating prevents them from studying or socializing as easily as they'd like. 

Dr. Duncan and faculty members determined they would offer opportunities to name 20 Adirondack-style chairs for just $250 each. The chairs arrived last month, and students are already enjoying them.

In November, we also received our first two naming gifts in honor of former faculty members.

If you are interested in making a gift of $250 to name a chair, you can honor a loved one, a faculty member, or yourself!

Once a gift is received, we'll contact you to find out who you would like to honor. A brass name plate will be installed on each chair as naming opportunities are completed.

Make a secure gift online here. (Be sure to select "The Loyalty Fund" and enter "Adirondack Chairs" in the gift restriction line.)


The Pacer Club

JOIN THE PACER CLUB and support WPU Student athletes and our programs!

Nnoneow is YOUR CHANCE to support WPU’s women’s and men’s athletic teams, and all Pacer Athletics at William Peace University.

WPU athletics are only as good as the support they receive from their fans, alumni and the student body. This is why the support of those in the Pacer Club is so important.

Founded in 2004 by Kelly Johnson, Athletic Director, the Pacer Club has contributed to WPU athletic programs by raising money to improve facilities, provide upgrades in athletic training and sports information equipment, host the annual athletic banquet and ensure recruit weekends are special for prospective athletes.

With help from ALUMNI and FRIENDS, the Pacer Club has helped WPU renovate facilities and expand the size of its athletic department offerings. In the summer of 2012, the Hermann Center was renovated to improve its locker room facilities and basketball court. In 2012, WPU began competing in men’s sports with basketball, baseball, golf, soccer and cross country being introduced over a two year period, while also continuing to strengthen our women’s sports program.

The support of the Pacer Club is important and its impact very real. All contributions go directly to WPU athletics and help the university continue to field competitive programs.

Please consider helping the Pacers win the championships of tomorrow by making a secure gift online here. (Click on the make a gift link. In the gift restriction, write “Pacer Athletics.”)

We hope to see you in the stands this season, as men’s and women’s basketball ramps up!


The Performing Arts

noneWilliam Peace University's Bachelor of Fine Arts program is growing, and our arts and events offerings expanding!

YOU can help us bring additional guest artists, lecturers, authors, musicians, actors, comedian's and more to campus as part of our Master's Class initiatives, or as part of our 2014-15 Arts and Events Season.

The Theatre Arts program is designed for the theatre student to study all aspects of the theatrical world. Theatre students learn to perform, design, research, analyze, imagine, create, budget and work collaboratively with other William Peace University students and local, professional artists. After graduating, a theatre major can continue to work in their field of study, or decide to  seek a graduate degree in design, directing, acting, theory and criticism, law, education, business and non-profit management. It’s a well-known fact that theatre majors make excellent project managers, work well with others, are hard workers, excellent critical thinkers and are capable of making crucial decisions in time sensitive situations.

Musical Theatre is a competitive and demanding profession. Students who want to work as a musical theatre artists need to train their body, voice, mind and soul. The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre rigorously trains its students in all three of the “triple threats” needed to be a successful musical theatre performer. Acting, movement and voice are the core courses of this program. All BFA students are required to perform on stage, work as crew, and be a contributing member of the theatre company. Students learn to work collaboratively with other artists while maintaining their own sense of individuality and graduate as confident, marketable, self-assessing artists prepared to step directly into the professional arena.

To make a gift to the performing arts, click here (and be sure to select "The Loyalty Fund" and then enter "performing arts" onto the gift restriction line).


noneStudent Scholarships

William Peace University is dedicated to ensuring access to the highest quality education. Throughout the year, the Office of Engagement works with the community to raise funds for WPU Scholarships and Awards, in addition to existing endowments.

Students can lower their college debt by applying for scholarships and awards to help pay for college. At WPU, qualified students are awarded renewable Merit Scholarships from $2,000 to $15,000 every year. Scholarships are awarded based on weighted cumulative grade point average and the highest combined critical reading and math SAT/ACT scores.

Additionally, William Peace University offers annual scholarships in the performing arts, student service, leadership and more. For a list of current scholarships that you can support with a secure online gift, click here.

To make a secure online gift in support of current scholarships, click here (and be sure to select "other" as the gift type, and then enter either "current scholarships" or the name of a specific scholarship in the gift restriction line).


Classroom Technology Initative

noneWilliam Peace University faculty are also spear-heading an initiative to raise funds for classroom technology.

Their goal is to be sure every classroom on campus has new multi-media technology and/or upgrades. From interactive white boards, to multi-media projectors with enhanced sound, to virtual technology equipment for online classes, faculty are calling for your support.

This initiative will support improvements in student learning and scholarship.

Make a gift toward "classroom technology" through our secure online giving page.