Miss Peace & Mr. Peace Awards

noneThe awarding of the annual "Miss Peace" title is a long-held tradition at William Peace University that began in 1928 with Miss Madge Riner Edson when the institution was still known as Peace Institute.

The awarding of the annual "Mr. Peace" title was inaugurated in 2014 as a new tradition at William Peace University.

The honors, voted on by the entire student body, are the highest tributes paid to a member of the Senior Class.

The basis for a nomination notes the selected student exemplifies "excellent academic qualities, community service and leadership."

Miss Peace 2014

The student body elected Hannah Marie Murphy as Miss Peace 2014.

noneMurphy is a double major in Theatre and English and graduates in May 2014 with two Bachelor of Arts degrees in those respective programs.

A native of the Raleigh-area, Murphy is a 2010 graduate of Wakefield High School in Wake Forest, NC and enrolled at Peace in August 2010.

She is a member of the William Peace Theatre Company and has acted in multiple productions, including: These Shining Lives, Circle Mirror Transformation, Godspell, Into the Woods, Spring Awakening and No Exit. She has also worked as a member of the student Dramatic Irony Club, which produced Living Dead in Denmark, earlier this academic year.

In 2012, she received a certificate from the Society of American Fight Directors in "Unarmed Stage Combat."

Murphy recently completed an internship as a writer for the Triangle Downtowner Magazine where she crafted articles about local businesses and events in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area in North Carolina. Since 2011, she has served as a writing tutor for WPU.

Murphy is a member of several national honor societies: Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Chi, and Sigma Tau Delta.

A consistent Dean's Scholar, Murphy is also the recipient of several University Awards: the Mary Pate Currie Humanities Award, the Penney English Award and The Mary P. Schwertman English Honors Award.

In addition, she has also served as a Marshall at official University events and previous Commencement services.

Murphy will also serve as student graduation speaker for the University's 2014 Commencement Exercises.

Mr. Peace 2014

The student body elected Christian Levar Gray as Mr. Peace 2014.

noneA Fayetteville native, Gray transferred to the University as a Junior and was one of the first young men to enroll in WPU's traditional program. He was also one of the first male Resident Assistants during his first year and played for the Men's Basketball team as a guard, while also serving as one of the team's first captains.

Beginning in Fall 2012, Gray led efforts to establish a new “emerging leaders” program at WPU, utilizing his previous experience as a student-mentor and building on WPU’s history of student scholarship, leadership and commitment to service. A Psychology major who will complete his Bachelor of Science degree in May 2014, Gray credits his mother, Rebecca, with instilling a value system that focused on hard work and the drive to never give up.

His relationship with his younger brother, Shamar, also influences his dreams of one day coaching basketball at the collegiate or high school level and wants to work with underprivileged or at-risk children. He also has helped run a summer youth basketball camp and has in the past been a volunteer at East Carolina University’s Building Hope Community Center.

“I want to be able to make a difference in a child’s life and give them hope and a positive example they can look up to,” he said.

Tying to his passion for community outreach and athletics into one dream, in 2014 Gray established an outreach program he calls “D.I.V.E.R.S.E” -- Dedicated Individuals who Value Education, Relationships, Success, and Effort. Phase one of the project focuses on community awareness and outreach to youth who come from low socioeconomic homes and helping homeless individuals. Phase two is to implement D.I.V.E.R.S.E Training, which consists of high-level basketball drills and skills work. The focus of the program will be to help individuals served by the program to become better players, as well as citizens of their communities. The purpose of the training is to create a challenging yet fun environment, which begins with small fundamentals and progressed to advanced drills.

This year, he plans to conduct summer camps for grades 4-12, offer private and group sessions for grade school students through college-age.

In addition to his own new program, Gray previously served as a mentor for Communities in Schools and was a park volunteer at Ocala National Forest in March 2012. He also completed an internship for the YMCA (2013-14) as an Assistant Site Coordinator where he developed a themed program for middle school students and created weekly resource handouts, discussed program goals with staff and mentors, assisted in creating academic literacy folders to help improve children’s language skills and led a weekly theme-based discussion with six high school students.

In addition to the serious work Gray is focused on, he also boasts a playful side, often reciting movie phrases in everyday conversation to see if anyone picks up on it, and having a sneaker addiction.

Former Miss Peace Recipients, 1928-2013

Miss Peace 1928  *Madge Riner Edson '28
Miss Peace 1929  *Jean S. McIver '29
Miss Peace 1930  *Ethlyn Barger Sherrill '30
Miss Peace 1931  Alice McKinnon '31
Miss Peace 1932  *Alice Searight Phillips '32
Miss Peace 1933 Unknown
Miss Peace 1934  *Carol Long Avery '34
Miss Peace 1935  Blessing Whitmore Brown '35
Miss Peace 1936  *Marjorie Clark Barfield '36
Miss Peace 1937  Frances Cromartie Jones '37
Miss Peace 1938  *Josephine Martin Flynn '38
Miss Peace 1939  *Helen Purdie Clark Jackson '39
Miss Peace 1940  *Doris Goddard '40
Miss Peace 1941  Jeanne Batchelor Warner '41
Miss Peace 1942  *Dorothy Harrison Tippett '42
Miss Peace 1943  *Margaret Passey Ellis '43
Miss Peace 1944  Betty Patrick McFadden '44
Miss Peace 1945  Frances Golden Blue '45
Miss Peace 1946  *Mary Lib Moore Phipps '46
Miss Peace 1947  Jane T. Stephenson '47
Miss Peace 1948  *Kitty Altizer Brennan '48
Miss Peace 1949  Mary Lib Walker Taylor '49
Miss Peace 1950  Joyce Ann Evans Wallace '50
Miss Peace 1951  Virginia McQueen Rose '51
Miss Peace 1952  Peggy Waldine Barnes '52
Miss Peace 1953  Reba (Raye) King Hensdale '53
Miss Peace 1954  *Sally Ann Bullock Bullock '54
Miss Peace 1955  *Mary Allen McDonald Risher '55
Miss Peace 1956  Dorothy Pressly Fulghum '56
Miss Peace 1957  Margaret "Lyn" James Lambert '57
Miss Peace 1958  Marianne Mull Browning '58
Miss Peace 1959  *Gladys Helms '59
Miss Peace 1960  Marie "Ree" Tribby Carroll '60
Miss Peace 1961  Susan Crow Record '61
Miss Peace 1962  Anne Raglan Stamps Taylor '62
Miss Peace 1963  Peggy Proctor Capps '63
Miss Peace 1964  Camille Broadhurst Simpson '64
Miss Peace 1965  Hennie Adams Gregory '65
Miss Peace 1966  Linda Harris McKinney '66
Miss Peace 1967  Eugenia (Genie) Croom Starnes '67
Miss Peace 1968  Mary Brent Smith Wright '68
Miss Peace 1969  Marcia Edwards Vanore '69
Miss Peace 1970  Karen Hancock Blackwelder '70
Miss Peace 1971  Joan M. Austin '71
Miss Peace 1972  Stephanie Fountain Bynum '72
Miss Peace 1973  Marnie McBryde '73
Miss Peace 1974  Susan Craft Quinn '74
Miss Peace 1975  Teresa Hicks Wimbrow '75
Miss Peace 1976  Martha Jayne Cameron Rhyne '76
Miss Peace 1977  Liz Thurston '77
Miss Peace 1978  Alisa Lamm Stevens '78
Miss Peace 1979  Sarah Armstrong Barge '79
Miss Peace 1980  Abbie L. Young '80
Miss Peace 1981  Rhonda Winstead Brown '81
Miss Peace 1982  Kelly Key Gaines '82
Miss Peace 1983  Wendy Cox Winslow '83
Miss Peace 1984  Jean Marie McCormick '84
Miss Peace 1985  Jean Elizabeth 'Beth' Flye '85
Miss Peace 1986  Lorraine "Lori" S. Gupton '86
Miss Peace 1986  Angela Thompson Zemonek '86
Miss Peace 1987  Amy McLaughlin Cochran '87
Miss Peace 1988  Rebecca Helms Smarr '88
Miss Peace 1989  Susanna Jarvis Jones '89
Miss Peace 1990  Karen Rives Kalafatas '90
Miss Peace 1991  Julieann Kafer Dix '91
Miss Peace 1992  Teresa Webster Palma '92
Miss Peace 1993  Crystal Lane Brinn '93
Miss Peace 1994  Lynn May McPhaul '94
Miss Peace 1995  Susanne Winslow McDaniel '95 '97
Miss Peace 1996  Anna Bernardo Lee '96
Miss Peace 1997  Kimberly Alyce Chappell Hill '97
Miss Peace 1998  Allison Jane Siler Capps '98 '00
Miss Peace 1999  Kimberly Crabtree Herman '99 '01
Miss Peace 2000  Emily Feimster '00 '02
Miss Peace 2001  Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar Phongsavan '98 '00
Miss Peace 2002  Miranda Buckner Duncan '00 '02
Miss Peace 2003  Katherine Brundage Brantner '04
Miss Peace 2004  Meghan Beeler Pridemore '02 '04
Miss Peace 2005  Jessica Lynne Kiernan '05
Miss Peace 2006  Natalie Michell Leary '04 '06
Miss Peace 2007  JoAnn Rae Lampley '07
Miss Peace 2008  Elizabeth Hayden Miller '08
Miss Peace 2009  Amber Harris Hogg '09
Miss Peace 2010  Maria Leonor Lopez '10
Miss Peace 2011  Saarah Abdul-Rauf '11
Miss Peace 2012  Taylor C. Shaw '12
Miss Peace 2013  Faith Malone Inman '13

* Deceased