Admissions Recruiting

Refer a Student to William Peace University and They Pay No Application Fee!
The Office of Admissions and the Office of Engagement want YOUR HELP in our recruiting efforts. You can:

  • Volunteer with the Admissions Office and help us by (1) attending a regional college fair, (2) talking to area H.S. Guidance Counselors, or (3) hosting a recruiting event in your home.
  • Refer a student to William Peace University and provide them with an application fee waiver code - AlumWaiver13.

Peace alumni are a great source for finding future, potential Peace students.
When you refer a potential student to William Peace University for the fall semester, they will have their application fee waived!  Simply have them complete this application fee waiver form or provide this code: AlumWaiver12.

College Enrollment - What's Up Today?
In the past, the majority of students and/or their parents knew by May where the student would attend college. Today, it takes much longer to make the decision about the 'best college or university' to attend -- and often the decision is made late in the summer. To accommodate this new phenomenon, Peace continues to reach out to students and parents who are not yet convinced about their college choice or options.  Applications are continuing to be accepted and reviewed throughout July every year.

NOW is the perfect time for YOU to suggest William Peace University to someone you know!
The Admissions Office welcomes the opportunity to communicate, one-on-one, with students and their parents, and the close personal attention that we offer will help them to make this important decision.

How Can You Help Your Alma Mater?
It's simple; refer a junior or senior to William Peace University's Office of Admissions and have them schedule a tour or complete an application fee waiver form. Then, have them call the Director of Admissions listed to the right; simply tell them that the student was "referred by a Peace alumna" and their application fee will be waived using the code AlumWaiver13!

Thank you for continuing to "Stay Informed; Stay Involved; and Stay Connected!"

Jenny Peacock '01 '03
Director of Admissions
Phone: 919.508.2022
Fax: 919.508.2306

Jenny Peacock