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noneFor the 2014-2015 academic year, William Peace University has chosen "Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash" as this year's selected reading for incoming First-Year students and the campus community.

Chosen for its ethical dimension by the student leaders and faculty, "Garbology" is written by Edward Humes, a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist, who takes readers on a surprising tour of "America’s biggest export, our most prodigious product, and our greatest legacy: our trash."

In Garbology, Humes investigates trash—what’s in it; how much we pay for it; how we manage to create so much of it; and how some families, communities, and even nations are finding a way back from waste to discover a new kind of prosperity. Along the way , he introduces a collection of garbage denizens unlike anyone you’ve ever met: the trash-tracking detectives of MIT, the bulldozer-driving sanitation workers building Los Angeles’ Garbage Mountain landfill, the artists residing in San Francisco’s dump, and the family whose annual trash output fills not a dumpster or a trash can, but a single mason jar.

Garbology reveals not just what we throw away, but who we are and where our society is headed. Waste is the one environmental and economic harm that ordinary working Americans have the power to change—and prosper in the process.

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How Can I Start A Book Club?

To help you get your book club going with other alumni and friends in your area, we have provided a Book Club Tool Kit of information that will help you to plan and implement a successful event.

Whether you prefer to email, mail, phone members of the Peace community about your book club, what matters is that you are helping WPU to better engage and better connect our graduates to our alma mater.

Something to consider before you get started: Would you like to hold a pre-planning meeting with a select group or would you prefer to just set the date and send invitations to your area alums?

The approach is up to you. Within the Tool Kit, you will find everything you need to get started.

In addition, we hope that your book club event will entice alumni to participate in campus events throughout the upcoming academic year.

In conclusion, we ask that you collect an email address from each alumnus that you connect with. Please forward these email addresses to the Office of Engagement and keep them informed of your plans.

Good luck!

Need more information?

To request help in contacting regional alumni, contact:
The Office of Engagement
Peace College
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