Liberal Studies

In a constantly changing job market, the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies provides students the opportunity to enhance their skills in the key areas most valued by employers, including communication, critical and analytical thinking and problem solving. This program steps outside the confines of the typical classroom experience and offers students choices and flexibility as they dig deeper into important issues facing society.


Instead of telling students what they need to learn, we invite them to build their own curriculum that fits their specific needs and interests. This major is not for students who are unsure of their direction but rather those who have a passion for learning in all forms. Through this multi-disciplinary approach, students are taught to ask questions, gather information and evaluate evidence. They're presented with challenging coursework that forces them to delve into difficult issues, confront moral problems and better understand the world they live in.


Liberal Studies majors have the flexibility to design their curriculum by combining a core course of study in seven areas with a minor or concentration in a specific discipline. Students work closely with an experienced faculty, learning the latest skills and methods in writing, communications and more.


With the breadth and depth this major offers, students explore topics they might have otherwise overlooked. This experience provides a perspective students use to build a degree that fits their future goals.


Students enrolled in the Liberal Studies program can earn their degree through a combination of the evening program, Saturdays@Peace or online classes to create a schedule that works for you.


Each graduate has lifetime access to Career Services at Peace. Our trained advisors work individually with each student and graduate, helping them chart the next step in their professional lives. Nowhere else is our dedication to our outcomes is our results: over 90% of William Peace University graduates go on to graduate school or a job.


With over 150 years of experience in the downtown Raleigh area, William Peace University and its advisors have professional relationships in the Triangle and North Carolina that few can match. Our graduates have gone on to secure positions in business, government, social service agencies and health care.


At $275 per academic hour, tuition is competitive with any degree program in North Carolina, but offers the experience and credibility that come with a William Peace University education.


To learn more, contact Tonita H. Few at 919.508.2214 or gps@peace.edu.


Tab 2: Requirements

The courses listed below are for the 2012-13 Academic Catalog and are subject to change. Please reference the Academic Catalog for further information and course descriptions. If you are a current student, please reference the catalog in which you come under.


Liberal Education Requirements                                           49 credit hours



ENG 112 Composition                                                                                             3

ENG 214 Writing About Studies in Fiction                                                 3

ENG 314 Professional Writing                                                                            3

ENG 400-L Senior Writing Lab                                                                          1


Empirical Reasoning

STA 201 Statistics                                                                                      3

Natural Science Elective                                                                         4

Social Science Elective                                                                                             3


Ethical Reasoning

PHL 400 Interdisciplinary Ethics Seminar                                  3


Critical Thinking about Culture and Society

Religion Elective                                                                                          3

Critical Thinking Elective                                                                       3

Critical Thinking Elective                                                                       3

Critical Thinking Elective                                                                       3

Critical Thinking Elective                                                                       3


Professional Readiness

COM 101 Public Speaking                                                                     3

PSS 450 Professional Development Seminar                                           3

BSA 120 Personal Finance                                                                    1

BSA 180 Media Literacy                                                                         1

Internship or Upper Level Psychology Elective                                       3


Liberal Studies Core Courses                                                   34 credit hours


2 courses each from any 3 Liberal Studies areas                                              18-20

1 course each from any 4 other Liberal Studies areas                    12-13

Liberal Studies Areas:

English (ENG)

Fine Arts (THE)

Foreign Languages (FRE, SPA)

History (HIS)

Mathematics (MAT and STA)

Natural Sciences ( BIO, CHE, ANT)

Philosophy / Religion (PHL, REL)

Social Sciences (ECO, PSC, PSY, SOC, ANT)


LST 380 Liberal Studies Junior Seminar                                                               1

LST 470 Liberal Studies Senior Seminar                                                              3


Minor                                                                                                    18 credit hours

Students must use electives to complete a minor. This requirement ensures that students achieve depth in their program. Students may complete their minor either in a Liberal Studies area or in a non-Liberal Studies area. 


General Electives - 19 credit hours


Total Credit Hours                                                                        120 credit hours



Tab 3: Advisory Board

Program Coordinators and the faculty who teach lead all programs of study, here at William Peace University. Additionally, there are Advisory Boards comprised of experts in the business field who serve as advisors to the program, ensuring what is taught in the classroom is what is needed for the careers of tomorrow.


Tab 4: Careers

Liberal Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study that prepares students for a truly broad range of career opportunities. It combines the methods and insights of the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences and stresses understanding of concepts, rational analysis, imagination and communication. Graduates go on to various careers in areas such as scientific research, hospitality management, technical recruitment, recreation administration and sales and marketing.


Recent employment by liberal studies majors:

American Diabetes Association


Bright Horizons

CareFirst Animal Hospital at Grace Park

CVS Pharmacy

GlaxoSmith Kline, Research Triangle Park, NC

Greensboro Dance and Drama Therapy

New Horizon Computer Learning Center

North Carolina Determination Services

North Carolina Governor's Office

North Carolina Museum of History

North Carolina Office of State Archaeology

Raleigh Foot and Ankle Center

Raleigh Medical Group

Rex Hospital

Rex Hospital 

United States Army

United States Equine Rescue League

United States Forest Service 

Wake County Literacy Council


Recent graduate school acceptances:

East Carolina University, Master of Arts in Teaching

The American Film Institute Conservatory

The University of North Carolina Greensboro, Master's in Therapeutic Recreation

Campbell University School of Law

Regent University, School of Divinity