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Softball Match against Greensboro Pride

The Field

Sat Mar 23rd, 2013

03:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.


Come watch the Pacers swing strong against the Greensboro Pride!


  • The original game of softball was played with a 16" ball soft enough that the fielders did not use gloves.
  • Softball is similar to baseball, except that pitchers throw the ball underhand, using a windmill motion, and games last seven innings instead of nine. It is also played on a smaller diamond.
  • Softball was named an Olympic sport for women in 1991, and made its debut as a medal event in Atlanta in 1996.
  • Today more than forty million people play softball each summer, making it the number one team participant sport in the United States.
  • The original softball was a rolled up boxing glove.