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WPU Speaker Series: Korrel Kanoy, Ph.D.

Leggett Theatre, Main Building

Sat Dec 7th, 2013

02:00 p.m. - 04:00 p.m.


The Everything Parents' Guide to Children's Emotional Intelligence

William Peace University is delighted to welcome back Korrel Kanoy, Ph.D., Professor Emerita, to William Peace University to present on emotional intelligence in children.

Kanoy will discuss her book, "The Everything Parents' Guide to Children's Emotional Intelligence: How to Raise Children Who Are Caring, Resilient, and Emotionally Strong" (from her "Everything" series) and sign copies of her books after the Q&A session.

Kanoy notes that a child's emotional intelligence has been shown to be one of the strongest factors in whether or not that child will be successful later in life. A child with high emotional intelligence (EQ) has good self-control, resilience, and empathy--all factors that help build a foundation for a more grounded, satisfying, and successful life.

With "The Everything Parent's Guide to Emotional Intelligence in Children," you will learn how to help your child:

  • Improve academic achievement and behavior
  • Achieve mindfulness
  • Understand emotions
  • Empathize with others
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Build inner resilience

This hands-on guide shows you exactly how to promote core EQ skills in your child and provides you with all you need to help your children achieve their greatest potential.

Dr. Korrel Kanoy joined the Peace faculty in 1981. Rising through the ranks, she became Professor of Psychology, and served in several administrative roles, including Dean of Academic Affairs from 2006-2009.

During the 2011-2012 academic year, Kanoy provided leadership to the university’s Institutional Research area, helping increase the use of assessment and other data, contributing directly to preparing for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) review for reaccreditation.

In addition to her academic ties to Peace, Kanoy was also connected to the institution through her late mother-in-law, Peace College alumna Betsy Fields Kanoy ‘41.

Through over 30 years teaching psychology, child development and emotional intelligence, Kanoy maintained an active scholarly life, writing books and articles on parent-child interactions, emotional intelligence, and retention.

In 2011, higher-education publisher Jossey-Bass invited her to write a textbook, facilitation guide and student workbook titled The Student EQ Edge: Emotional Intelligence and Your Academic and Personal Success – all released in February of 2013. Seeking a new challenge, Kanoy noted the writing, “stretched me in ways that I had not been stretched before.”  She also published The Everything Parent’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence in Children in 2013. (All available on

“Emotional intelligence is the capacity for recognizing how one’s emotions are affecting behaviors  and then managing those emotions more effectively to improve outcomes (such as better decision making or more effective communication) which is associated with healthier relationships and more academic or work success,” she explained.

In 2008, first-year Peace students were required take a test measuring emotional intelligence.  According to longitudinal research Kanoy did, the students with the highest EI scores as first-year students were more likely to graduate four years later, even though they did not have better high-school GPAs or SAT scores than non-graduates.

In 2004, Kanoy co-founded, with former Peace professor Dr. Heather Lee, Developmental Associates, LLC, a consulting firm that specializes in developing emotional intelligence and leadership skills for individuals working in education, government and non-profit settings. What started as part-time work that she described as interesting and fun became full-time after she retired from Peace in July 2012.

Event Time: 2:00-3:30 p.m.

Event Location: Leggett Theatre (Presentation) / Book Signing (Blue Parlor)

Tickets: Free, but tickets are required.

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