FAQs - Student Accounts

When is my bill due?
Payments for tuition/fees, room and board are due in full by Aug. 1, for the fall semester and Dec. 15, for the spring semester.

Class registration may be canceled, at WPU's discretion, prior to the start of classes by the Registrar's Office if a student account balance is not fully satisfied by payment, financial aid and/or a payment plan.

If the total charges exceed the estimated aid, the student must pay the difference before the due date. If the aid exceeds the charges and there are no outstanding charges from a previous semester, the bill should reflect the overage in the "Amount Due" line and the student can expect a refund of the excess aid.

How is my bill delivered to me? 
WPU mails one paper bill each semester to all students. If you have a balance due, you will receive monthly e-mail notifications reminding you to check your student account online at https://mypacernet.peace.edu

The eBill reflects all charges and credits on the student's account as of the date the bill was created. Note that the eBill is a snapshot of a student's charges at the time the bill was created. Any additional charges or financial aid added after the billing date will not appear on the eBill. New charges and credits can be viewed in real time on My.Peace.

How can I pay my bill?
WPU accepts checks, cash, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or electronic check payments.

Check and money order payments should be sent to:

William Peace University
Office of Student Accounts
15 East Peace Street
Raleigh, NC 27604

Families desiring to pay by credit card may pay online via our secure website. Students can login at https://my.peace.edu, click on the 'Students' tab, 'Financial Info,' 'My Account Info' and 'View Your Statement and Pay Your Bill.' You can also visit the Office of Student Accounts website. Students use the same login and password given to them by their advisors to register for classes online when logging in to pay their account.

Parents may also make a payment to a student’s account without login information by visiting www.peace.edu and clicking on I am then a parent. Once there, click on ‘Make a Payment on Account’ tab on the left.

If you have misplaced your password, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 919.508.2012.

I can't pay my entire bill at one time.  Are there payment options available?
WPU offers a convenient monthly payment plan with up to five equal monthly payments each semester. There is an enrollment fee of $30.00 each semester to participate in the plan payable at the time of enrollment. Students desiring to enroll in the payment plan may do so by going to www.peace.edu and clicking on I am and then a current student. Click on ‘Sign up for the Payment Plan’ in the menu on the left.

I am planning to attend as a full-time student, but am being charged for part-time tuition.
The charges on your account are based on the number of credit hours you are actually registered for at the time charges are generated. If you haven't registered for at least 12 hours, you will only have a part-time tuition charge on your account. If you plan to have at least 12 hours or more by the time classes start, be sure to pay based on the full-time tuition rate. If you think you should already be registered for at least 12 hours, log into your registration online to review or contact the Office of the Registrar at 919.508.2012.

I want to live on campus but don't see a charge for housing OR I don't want to live on campus, but am being charged for housing. 
The charges for meals and housing are generated based on information in the Office of Residential Life. Contact them directly at 919.508.2014 for any questions you have regarding these items.

I have a charge for health insurance on my account, but already have health insurance from a different source. Can this be reversed? 
WPU requires health insurance of all traditional full-time students. If you already have health insurance, you can waive WPU's insurance through an online waiver that will be available late June. Please check back to this location for a link to the site.

There is a student activity fee on my account. What is this? 
WPU students pay a student activity fee each semester. The money received from student activity fees is allocated each semester by the SGA Finance Committee to help support programming on campus. William Peace University strongly believes in empowering students to make decisions that will positively impact campus life. Any questions regarding the use or allocation of student activity fees should be referred to the Vice President for Student Services, Frank Rizzo.

I have a credit balance on my account that I want to use for books. How can I access these funds?
Up to $750 per semester can be transferred to your PacerCard for use in the William Peace University bookstore. The PacerCard Financial Aid Transfer Form can be found on the Peace website by visiting the Office of Student Accounts. All excess funds transferred from the student account to the PacerCard must remain on the card, so plan on only transferring what you think you need. Transfers can be made as many times as necessary through the first four weeks of the semester.

Even after I transfer funds from my student account to my PacerCard, I will still have a credit balance. How can I access these funds? 
WPU issues electronic refunds to all students with credit balances after the excess funds have been received by WPU from the lender. This process can take anywhere from a month to two months after classes start. Please plan accordingly if you are planning to use these funds for living expenses. Students can sign up for direct deposit by going to mypacernet.peace.edu and clicking on ‘Financial Information’ and ‘Bank Information (U.S.).’ You will be notified via email when the direct deposit has been made. Students who do not sign up for direct deposit that have excess aid over charges will have a check mailed to their home address on file.

I have questions about my loans, grants or scholarships. Whom do I contact? 
Contact your financial aid advisor directly for all questions that pertain to financial aid. If you don't know which advisor is assigned to you, you can call the Office of Financial Aid at 919.508.2000 and they can connect you to the correct person.

I would like to make sure I don't lose any of the money I pay for tuition even if I have to withdraw during the semester. Is there anything available? 
WPU is pleased to offer the tuition refund plan to students and parents. This elective insurance plan through AWG Dewar, Inc. provides coverage for tuition and housing charges should a student have to leave before completing a semester due to illness or accident. The insurance covers up to 70% of all tuition, housing and meals. To enroll in this plan return the bottom portions of the letter received from Dewar, or visit the Office of Student Accounts website.

I would like to have my car on campus. What do I need to do? 
An annual parking decal can be purchased that allows students to park on campus. All decals must be purchased online by going to www.peace.edu and click on I am and then a current student. Click on ‘Purchase a Parking Decal’ on the left menu. Prepaid decals will be distributed on move in day to residential students. Commuters can pick up their decals in Main 116 during the first week of class with a photo ID.

If I have questions, who should I contact?

Classes and Registration Registrar 919.508.2012
Health Insurance Waivers Student Accounts 919.508.2286
Housing and Meal Plans Residence Life 919.508.2014
Loans/Grants/Scholarships Financial Aid 919.508.2000
Payment, Payment Plans, Parking Decals Student Accounts 919.508.2286