FAQs - PacerCard


What is a PacerCard?
The William Peace University PacerCard is your student identification card that allows you to:

  • Check out materials at the library
  • Access meal plans or Dining & City Bucks at campus dining locations
  • Access PacerCA$H at campus dining locations and the Bookstore
  • Open residence hall doors

How do I obtain my PacerCard?
New students will have their pictures taken by the Office of Public Safety during orientation. Cards may be picked up from the Office of Public Safety by the first day of classes. There is no charge for an initial PacerCard.

How can I put money on my PacerCard?
Click here to add money as yourself or as a guest (to surprise your student)!

What if my PacerCard is lost or stolen?
Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately so that the card may be deactivated. You can report your lost or stolen card by:

  • By visiting or calling the Office of Public Safety at 919.508.2401 during normal business hours

Cardholders are responsible for $50 of any unauthorized transactions made prior to deactivating a lost or stolen card. Any person who intentionally misuses their card or another's card is in direct violation of the William Peace University honor code and could have their privileges revoked and/or receive other disciplinary action.

How much does a replacement PacerCard cost?
All replacement cards are $25.00 and can be paid for in the Student Accounts Office located in Room 115 in the Main Building.

What is PacerCA$H?
The PacerCA$H account is a flexible spending account, available to all PacerCard holders (students and employees). PacerCA$H turns your PacerCard into an on-campus debit card that can be used at any point of sale location on campus (coffee shop, bookstore, etc.). PacerCA$H never expires.

How can I deposit money onto my PacerCard?
You may make deposits to your (or your student's) PacerCA$H account:

William Peace University
Office of Student Accounts
15 East Peace Street
Raleigh, NC 27604

*Please note: Mailing a check, filling out a Financial Aid Transfer form or calling in a deposit will not post money to the account immediately. Please allow processing time for these methods, usually 24 - 48 hours upon receipt.

How do I learn about the MasterCard functionality?
To discover how you can turn your PacerCard into a fully functioning debit card through Fifth-Third Bank, visit this link: http://www.peace.edu/student_life/pacercard

How can I use excess financial aid funds in the bookstore?
Many students borrow additional financial aid to help with the expense of purchasing books. These funds can be transferred to the PacerCA$H account during the first four weeks of each semester by filling out a PacerCard Funds Transfer Form. The Financial Aid Transfer Form must be filled out each time a transfer is desired. Students should plan carefully for the amount they want to transfer, because funds that are transferred to PacerCA$H cannot be refunded.

I am an employee or student worker; can I use payroll deduction to deposit funds onto my PacerCard?
Yes, you may elect to have payroll deduction. Simply fill out a PacerCA$H Payroll Deduction Form available in Human Resources or on your MyPacerNet account, and you can have funds automatically added to your PacerCA$H account every payday.

Can I withdraw money from my PacerCard?
No, you are not permitted to withdraw money from your PacerCA$H account.

How and when can I close my PacerCA$H?
The only time funds can be withdrawn from the PacerCA$H account is when a student officially withdraws or graduates from William Peace University or when an employee is no longer employed. All cardholders are responsible for closing their account if they wish to be refunded. To close a PacerCA$H account, the cardholder must fill out a PacerCA$H Close Request Form and return it to the Business Office. When a PacerCA$H account is closed, refunds will be given for a balance greater than $1.00. No refund will be made if there is an outstanding balance due on the student's account. Alumni may wish to keep their PacerCA$H account open after graduating for use when returning to campus.

How do I know how much money is left on my PacerCard?
The balance is shown every time PacerCA$H is used. The cardholder may also check the balance online at https://mypacer.peace.edu. Both the Bookstore and Office of Student Accounts are able to provide cardholders with their balance. Students and employees are also able to access their balance from either of the copy machine terminals located in the Finch Library. All unused PacerCA$H funds at the end of each semester remain on the card for use the following semester.

What are Dining/City Bucks and where can I use them?
Dining & City Bucks accompany each meal plan and can be used at the on-campus food service locations (Dining Hall and Peace Perk). Dining & City Bucks may not be used in vending machines; however, PacerCA$H can. Unused Dining & City Bucks will rollover from the fall to the spring, but all unused bucks expire at the end of each spring semester.

How can I get door access on my PacerCard?
Door access will be granted before the start of each semester. For problems with your door access, contact the Office of Public Safety at 919.508.2401.

If I have questions, who should I contact?
The Office of Student Accounts: 919.508.2286