Business Administration

The global economy moves fast. William Peace University helps you keep pace. 


Business majors at WPU earn control of their future by learning the skills valued by today's business leaders. Whether you want to climb the corporate ladder or run your own business, our curriculum prepares you with the critical thinking and analytical skills needed to compete for exciting careers in business.


Business is a three dimensional concept. It is a phenomenon, a process and a philosophy. Most business programs address only the first two dimensions; however, business success today requires addressing all three. The business program at William Peace University recognizes that business today is global business and every course in the business program examines the impact of the global environment on the business functions


The curriculum for the WPU business degrees combines the standard fare of business courses with the unique perspective of how to do business on a global scale.


Employers across all industries place demand for Business Majors. At WPU, you will work closely with a respected and credentialed faculty of professors who have proven results in the business world. Learn to navigate the proven and newest methods in management, marketing, accounting, leadership and more.


The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) prepares students to enter a wide-range of business careers and is designed to keep you on the cutting edge of the business field. The program provides a broad-based education in all areas of business, including management, leadership, accounting, finance, marketing and the management of information systems.


And while the opportunities at WPU are big, our classes are small. Students receive individual attention the direction and confidence to become leaders in among the most talented people in the world. Graduates have gone onto meaningful careers in marketing, accounting, management, economics, accounting and finance.


The result is students who can not only "talk the talk" but also can "walk the walk" of business. 


Students enrolled in the BSBA program can earn their degree through the Saturdays@Peace, evening program, online classes or a combination of these formats to create a schedule that works for you.


Each graduate has lifetime access to Career Services at Peace. Our trained advisors work individually with each student and graduate, helping them chart the next step in their professional lives. Nowhere else is our dedication to our outcomes is our results: over 90% of William Peace University graduates go on to graduate school or a job.


With Research Triangle Park and a thriving business community nearby, WPU and its advisors have professional relationships few can match. The Raleigh and Cary areas rank first in the nation for careers in business (according to Forbes) giving students access to exceptional degree outcomes including positions as executives for large corporations, government officials and admittance to prestigious graduate programs.


At $250 per academic hour, tuition is competitive with any degree program in North Carolina, but offers the experience and credibility that come with a William Peace University education.


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Tab 2: Requirements

The courses listed below are for the 2012-13 Academic Catalog and are subject to change. Please reference the Academic Catalog for further information and course descriptions. If you are a current student, please reference the catalog in which you come under.


Liberal Education Requirements                                           49 credit hours



ENG 112 Composition                                                                                             3

ENG 214 Writing About Studies in Fiction                                                 3

ENG 314 Professional Writing                                                                            3

ENG 400-L Senior Writing Lab                                                                          1


Empirical Reasoning

STA 201 Statistics                                                                                      3

Natural Science Elective                                                                         4

Social Science Elective                                                                                             3


Ethical Reasoning

PHL 400 Interdisciplinary Ethics Seminar                                  3


Critical Thinking about Culture and Society

Religion Elective                                                                                          3

Critical Thinking Elective                                                                       3

Critical Thinking Elective                                                                       3

Critical Thinking Elective                                                                       3

Critical Thinking Elective                                                                       3


Professional Readiness

COM 101 Public Speaking                                                                     3

PSS 450 Professional Development Seminar                                           3

BSA 120 Personal Finance                                                                    1

BSA 180 Media Literacy                                                                         1

Internship or Upper Level Psychology Elective                                       3



Business Administration Core Courses                               42 credit hours

MAT 202 Finite Math                                                                                    3

BSA 212 Macroeconomics                                                                          3

BSA 221 Principles of Accounting I                                                       3

BSA 222 Principles of Accounting II                                                      3

BSA 225 Principles of Finance                                                                                 3

BSA 230 Marketing                                                                                        3

BSA 240 Management/Org. Behavior                                                   3

BSA 250 Human Resources Mgmt                                                          3

BSA 260 Global Business Environment                                                                3

BSA 270 Business Law                                                                                  3

BSA 441 Decision Science                                                                         3

BSA 499 Global Business Strategy                                                         3


Choose both courses in (A) Global HR OR both courses in (B) Global Marketing

(A) Training & Development w/ Multi-National Company           3

(A) Cross Cultural Performance Management                                  3


(B) Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior                                                                 3

(B) Selling in the Global Marketplace                                                   3


General Electives                                                                          29 credit hours


Total Credit Hours                                                                        120 credits required for degree



Tab 3: Advisory Board

Program Coordinators and the faculty who teach lead all programs of study, here at William Peace University. Additionally, there are Advisory Boards comprised of experts in the business field who serve as advisors to the program, ensuring what is taught in the classroom is what is needed for the careers of tomorrow.



Tab 4: Careers

Business majors learn how to formulate the policies and direct the operations of corporations, nonprofit institutions and government agencies. General business manager's plans, organize, direct, control and coordinate the operations of an organization and its major departments or programs.


General managers and top executives hold more than three million jobs in the U.S.


Business majors learn to problem solve and develop interpersonal and organizational skills. Graduates go on to various careers in areas such as credit analysis, payroll, real estate, financial analysis and account management.


Recent employment of business majors:

American Red Cross


BB&T Raleigh Main

Credit Suisse

Franklin County Sheriff's Office

Global Knowledge


International Bank of Commerce


North Carolina Department of Commerce International Trade Division

North Carolina Department of Commerce: Division of Tourism

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

North Carolina Highway Patrol

North Carolina Office of Governor, Boards and Commissions Department

SAS Institute

State Employees Credit Union

Verizon Inc.

Western & Southern Financial Group



Recent graduate schools acceptances:

East Carolina University, School of Business

Elon University School of Law