Ever wonder about human behavior and the human mind? The psychology major teaches students about the world around them by focusing on its smallest component -- the individual. By learning the methodology and principles of psychology, students are able to examine the behavior, thought, feelings and interactions of humans.


Psychology, the study of human behavior and the mind, helps students develop skills in critical thinking, research methods, scientific writing, ethical decision-making, oral presentations and socio-cultural awareness. Psychology is a broad field with countless career opportunities. The School of Professional Studies offers the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a concentration in Clinical Counseling. This degree will prepare students to enter careers in human or social services and will prepare students for graduate level counseling licensure programs.


Working closely with professors in small class sizes, students are challenged to refine their critical thinking and analytical skills through rigorous coursework. Students learn not just about the inner workings of the brain but also personality, perception, thinking and social interaction. The psychology major at WPU gives students an opportunity to do hands on research and develop a truly unique perspective on society.


Students enrolled in the Psychology program can earn their degree through Saturdays@Peace, online classes or a combination of these formats to create a schedule that works for you.


Each graduate has lifetime access to Career Services at Peace. Our trained advisors work individually with each student and graduate, helping them chart the next step in their professional lives. Nowhere else is our dedication to our outcomes is our results: over 90% of William Peace University graduates go on to graduate school or a job.


With over 150 years of experience in the downtown Raleigh area, William Peace University and its advisors have professional relationships in the Triangle and North Carolina that few can match. Our graduates have gone on to graduate school and careers ranging from counseling to business law to community relations.


At $250 per academic hour, tuition is competitive with any degree program in North Carolina, but offers the experience and credibility that come with a William Peace University education.


To learn more, contact Tonita H. Few at 919.508.2214 or


Tab 2: Requirements

The courses listed below are for the 2012-13 Academic Catalog and are subject to change. Please reference the Academic Catalog for further information and course descriptions. If you are a current student, please reference the catalog in which you come under.


Liberal Education Requirements                                           49 credit hours



ENG 112 Composition                                                                                   3

ENG 214 Writing About Studies in Fiction                                          3

ENG 314 Professional Writing                                                                   3

ENG 400-L Senior Writing Lab                                                                                 1


Empirical Reasoning

STA 201 Statistics                                                                                           3

Natural Science Elective                                                                             4

Social Science Elective                                                                                                3


Ethical Reasoning

PHL 400 Interdisciplinary Ethics Seminar                                           3


Critical Thinking about Culture and Society

Religion Elective                                                                                            3

Critical Thinking Elective                                                                            3

Critical Thinking Elective                                                                            3

Critical Thinking Elective                                                                            3

Critical Thinking Elective                                                                            3


Professional Readiness

COM 101 Public Speaking                                                                          3

PSS 450 Professional Development Seminar                                    3

BSA 120 Personal Finance                                                                         1

BSA 180 Media Literacy                                                                              1

Internship or Upper Level Psychology Elective                                                3


Psychology Core Courses                                                           34 credit hours

PSY 101 General Psychology                                                                    3

PSY 300 Research Methods                                                                       4

PSY 470 Senior Seminar                                                                              3


Choose one course from three of the four major areas:             9

Cognitive and Biological

Culture and Development

Social, Personality and Applied

Clinical and Abnormal Psychology


Psychology Concentration - Clinical/Counseling

PSY 240 Abnormal Behavior                                                                     3

PSY 440 Counseling Theories & Techniques                                     3

PSY 395 Psychology Research                                                                  3

PSY 322 Psychology of Adulthood and Aging                                   3

PSY 341 Child, Family and Youth Services                                          3


General Electives                                                                          37 credit hours


Total Credit Hours                                                                        120 credit hours



Tab 3: Advisory Board

Program Coordinators and the faculty who teach lead all programs of study, here at William Peace University. Additionally, there are Advisory Boards comprised of experts in the business field who serve as advisors to the program, ensuring what is taught in the classroom is what is needed for the careers of tomorrow.



Tab 4: Careers

Our curriculum is outcome focused, preparing students for positions in social work, counseling, psychology as well as other non-major specific careers. WPU psychology majors have also gone onto law school and graduate programs in social work, school counseling and sports psychology.


Psychology majors develop skills such as effectively listening, observing, analyzing and interpreting. They are also taught the importance of ethical practice, showing concern for others and critical and inferential thinking. Graduates go on to various careers in areas such as pharmaceutical sales, social work, life skills training, community relations and clinical psychology.


Recent employment by psychology majors:


Autism Society of North Carolina

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Ridge Center

Brain Injury Association of North Carolina

Cary Family YMCA`

Cary School of Gymnastics

Family Alternatives

Girl Scouts of North Carolina Coastal Pines

Guardian ad Litem, NC

Interact of Wake County

Ligon Middle School

North Carolina Highway Patrol

Person County

Planned Parenthood

Residential Services

Social Security Administration, Disability Determination Services

The Mariposa School

Triangle Family Services

Urban Ministries


Recent graduate school acceptances:

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law, Rehabilitation

North Carolina Central University School of Counseling

The University of North Carolina Wilmington School of Social Work

North Carolina State University School of Counseling

East Carolina University School of Psychology, School Counseling and Social Work

University of Tennessee, Sports Psychology

Case Western Reserve, Social Work