Disability Resource Center

The William Peace University Disability Resource Center also provides special assistance to students with disabilities and learning differences. The office assists students in accessing and using appropriate reasonable accommodations, and making sound choices about course load, study skills, strategies and self-advocacy.

Students have the right to privacy and responsibility to disclose their learning differences to the Director of Learning Services. Students who have registered must make an appointment with the director at the beginning of each semester in order to write a current academic reasonable accommodations plan. This plan may include:

Lending Library: The lending library allows students to borrow self-help books on varying disabilities, college success and life skills.

Individual Consultations: Individual Consultations with Disability Services Staff and/or Counseling Staff provide students with guidance on self-advocacy skills, study skills, learning strategies, organizational methods, assistive technology and stress management/relaxation techniques.

Testing Room: The testing room permits students eligible for the separate test setting accommodation to take tests in the center rather than arrange a site through their professor. Students must follow the procedures in scheduling tests. In order to maintain the integrity of testing procedures and the William Peace University Honor Code, all testing sessions are monitored.

Workshops and Programs: Disability Services presents information in a variety of topics to help students succeed in college. Past programs have featured content about relaxation, stress management, test anxiety and time management.

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, college students are fully responsible for requesting accommodations and following any procedures involved in the process.

Documentation packet for academic accommodations 

Disability Resource Center Handbook

Nicole Davis
Coordinator of Counseling & Disability Services