FAQs - Student Life

May I have a car on campus?
All WPU students have the opportunity to bring cars to campus. Students are required to register their cars with the Office of Public Safety and purchase a parking permit each year through the Office of Student Accounts. However, having a car on campus is not necessary. Many restaurants, grocery stores and various other off-campus activities are all within walking distance of campus.

Is there security on-campus?
Campus Public Safety Officers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are available to offer escort services, motorist assistance, and assistance with criminal investigations. The officers carry telephones/radios on which they can be contacted at any time and emergency "blue light" phones are located around campus as well. The Office of Public Safety also coordinates all aspects of parking and car registration, issues parking permits, and issues student ID cards. For more information about on campus security please contact the Director of Public Safety at 919.508.2402 or visit the public safety site for more information.

Will the university accommodate special service needs such as diet, medications, psychological counseling, etc.?
Requests for special student services may be made to the Vice President for Student Services. WPU does have student health services and a counseling center. For more information please click here to download the William Peace University Disability Resource Center brochure.

What is a PacerCard?
The PacerCard is a multi-purpose card that is offered to students, faculty and staff. Apart from being your official form of identification, the card is used for building access, library services, meal plans and making purchases at vending machines and the bookstore. Students, faculty and staff members can transfer money onto their cards, thus reducing the need to carry cash while on campus and adding convenient access to most campus services.

What recreation/fitness facilities are available to students?
Students have access to WPU's six all-weather Laykold tennis courts, a softball field, an indoor basketball court, a weight and fitness room and an intramural court. These facilities are used for leisure time activities, as well as for organized intramurals and team athletic events.

Are there laundry facilities located on-campus?
Washers and dryers are available for student use in several of the residence halls on campus. The laundry facilities are free of cost to students who live on-campus and attend WPU.  Our washers and dryers are set-up to a system that can text you when your laundry is finished. 

Are there fraternities/sororities?
WPU does not have fraternities or sororities; however, we do offer more than 30 organizations and clubs for student involvement.

How are the first-year room assignments made?
Several items are considered before first-year housing assignments are made. These items are the following:

  • Deposit Date- Applications are sorted by deposit date and housed according to their preferences requested. Those who deposit after May 1 will be based on the remaining space available.
  • Pairing Roommates- If students do not request a roommate, they are assigned roommates based on answers from the Housing Application Form. Some of the most important questions to answer on the housing application form include cleaning habits, sleeping schedule and smoking preference. Additionally, if a student requests a roommate, this request will generally override their housing preference request. We will make every effort to house them according to their housing preference and roommate request, but if we are unable to do both, we will work hard to house them with the roommate they requested on the housing application form.

We try our best to accommodate all housing requests but we cannot guarantee that they will all be made due to deposit date, space available and pairing roommates.

What can students bring into the residence halls?
Students are allowed to bring carpet for their rooms; they may also bring plastic storage bins to keep extra belongings. Students may bring a refrigerator, but not a microwave or hot plate. They are allowed televisions, VCR's, DVD players, cordless phones and computers. There are two internet connections and two phone connections in each of the residence hall rooms. Cable television is accessible in all of the residence hall rooms.  A full list of suggestions is provided in the accepted student portal. 

What furniture is included in the first-year residence hall rooms?
All double occupancy rooms include two beds, two desks, two dressers and two closets. Ross and Davidson are the most popular first-year residence halls on campus. Both residence halls feature suite style arrangements (two bedrooms that share an adjoining bathroom).

Do students have to live on campus?
All first-year and sophomore students are required to live on campus or in university-affiliated housing. Those students who are living with parents within a 30-mile radius, are married or have dependents are not required to live on campus. Regardless, the Housing Exemption Form must be filled out and approved by administration in order to qualify for off-campus resident status.