Meet the Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders are a group of diverse, involved upper-class students who are here to help our newest Pacers transition into their college experience. At Pacer Camp, OLs will help facilitate community building activities, be able to answer most of your questions about WPU and help you figure out how to become involved in the WPU community.

Parent Orientation Leaders


noneMatt Ard 
Parent OL
noneMacy Beaman 
Parent OL
noneMicia Dove
Parent OL
noneBrittany Humphries
Parent OL


Student Orientation Leaders


noneSydney Melchert and Michael Wolf 
Hurricanes - Student OL
noneSamantha Sellers and Elizabeth Boyette 
Capitols - Student OL
noneMelvin Gray and Erin Hawkins 
Sir Walters - Student OL
noneBronson Canovai and Aisha Matthews 
Seaboaders - Student OL
noneHolly Kauls and Chris Harris 
R-Liners - Student OL
noneAaron Mull and Ebony Miles 
Krispy Kremers - Student OL
noneAshton Tucker and Brittany Chase 
Acorns - Student OL
noneCameron Ford and Terrace Myles 
Oakwoods - Student OL
noneTarecka Payne and Aron Crumb 
Marbles - Student OL