6 Exciting Reasons To Experience College Life In Raleigh

Jan 31, 2020

Raleigh is the home of twelve traditional colleges and universities, as well as many satellite campuses and institutions. 

Geographically situated between the Outer Banks, Blue Ridge Mountains, and beaches of the Atlantic Coast, Raleigh is a temperate location that is great for those who love the outdoors, arts, entertainment, culture, and the restaurant scene (lots of great food in Raleigh, NC). The mild temperature provides and extended long pool season, as well as mild winters and occasional snow days. 

Are you considering college life in Raleigh?

If you stop by for a visit, you will not be disappointed. Raleigh gives you that warm, tidy small-town vibe complete with the attractions and opportunities of urban life. Here are some of our favorite perks that make college life in Raleigh and exceptional option.

College Town

Some college towns are popular because there are many close-by campuses that you can visit and explore.

Raleigh is no exception. Popular institutions include the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, William Peace University, Duke University, and North Carolina State University. They are all within a forty-five-minute commute to one another.

Some colleges have extensive libraries that are open to the public. You can spend the day studying at a nearby campus, or go visit friends and expand your social circle. Plenty of cafes, museums, parks, greenways, and activities and events to keep you engaged and interested.

For The Love Of Nature

Enjoy unparalleled views of the skyline at Raleigh’s gorgeous parks, perfect for hiking, biking, or a reflective nature walk.

Popular destinations include Pullen Park, the state’s first public park. There are peaceful trails, a carousel, trips on paddle boats, and an indoor aquatic area.

The Neuse River Trail is also a destination choice. It is a 28-mile path that runs from Falls River Dam to the Johnson County Line. The trail is ideal for jogging, strolling, and dog-walking.

Lake Crabtree County Park is famous for its fishing, boating, picnic areas, and waterfront views. Winters here hover around 43 degrees, so outdoor exploration does not have to end in November the way it does in the northern part of the country.

If you love weekend trips, nearby Asheville and Boone are great for skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. A short drive to Pinehurst can get you to a world-class golf course.

For those who prefer indoor activity—Raleigh is home to many traditional gyms, boot camps, barre studios, and a variety of offerings for fitness enthusiasts.

(Pullen Park)

A Little Culture

Those who love day trips will find no shortage of things to do on the weekends in Raleigh. There is a plethora of local art, antique shops, and museums to choose from. The energy and excitement of Raleigh offers unlimited opportunities for engagement and things to do. 

Other popular destinations are the Museum of Natural Sciences, the North Carolina Museum of Art, and the North Carolina Museum of History. The Art Museum is a great place to check out dance performances, debates, and poetry slams. 

Those who love sporting events can explore many of the excellent college teams, as well as professional and semi-professional teams like the Carolina Hurricanes.

Students who love to shop will find everything they could dream of at the Cameron Village, City Market, and Crabtree Valley Mall. On every corner of Downtown Raleigh, you will encounter boutiques and unique shopping experiences. 

And don’t forget to check out the city’s twenty craft breweries. There are plenty of concerts, nutrition events, and music festivals to keep you out and about year-round.

Delicious Options

Fans of down-home comfort food will be in heaven in Raleigh. Check out popular destinations like Crawford and Son, where you can sample autumn porridge, pork cheeks, and short ribs. 

Find great comfort food at The Pit and The Pig, which offers free-range pork and amazing sides like fried green tomatoes for reasonable prices. 

Barbeque, sweet tea, and homestyle veggies are all delectable here. It’s a great place for fine dining, a quick lunch, or a locally-sourced breakfast.

Check out the many book stores, flower shops, and ethnic flavors of locals restraints and food trucks. You can check out artisan bakeries like Boulted Bread, or shop at the new Morgan Street Food Hall. The Raleigh Downtown Farmer’s Market brings the best local farmers and artists together for an outdoor feast for the senses.

Those who love a good brew will appreciate the fine selection at the Raleigh Beer Garden, the world’s largest beer garden with over three hundred and fifty beers on tap. It offers modern comfort fare in a bi-level space with a patio.

The Shape of Opportunity

Raleigh is one of the cities of Research Triangle Park (RTP,) joined by Durham and Capital Hill. It is the largest research triangle in the United States, a pioneer of global innovation. 

The Triangle’s 7,000 acres host science and technology firms, government agencies, and startups. Retail, hotel, and green space also make it a popular destination for new businesses.

College students interning at startups have real responsibilities that will directly impact clients. You will learn a lot about different parts of the company, and be able to build great contacts.

Even if you decide to move out of Raleigh after college, your hands-on experience will make you employable at urban centers across the country.

Affordable Living Space

Many college freshmen begin their education living in traditional dorms and move out to apartments as they become upperclassmen.

The cost of living in Raleigh is lower than the national average. You will have lower rent, utilities, and you will pay less for fuel than in most states. 

Raleigh offers beautiful apartment spaces that provide a big-city vibe at small-town prices. It is a great place to continue living after you graduate.


College Life in Raleigh

College life in Raleigh offers a warm, bustling social life in the center of academic and economic progress. For more information on living and learning in Raleigh, set up a visit to explore and tour the beautiful downtown campus of William Peace University today! Nestled in the heart of downtown Raleigh, William Peace University is a tight-knit community that offers more than 30+ majors and minors, as well as accelerated bachelor degrees for professionals. If you are looking to expand your horizons in a robust Raleigh location, consider the benefits and exceptional educational options of William Peace University.