Mission, Vision and Values

What is our “Mission”?

William Peace University’s mission is to prepare students for careers in the organizations of tomorrow. Rooted in the liberal arts tradition, the student develops an appreciation for life-long learning, a focus on meaningful careers, and skills for ethical citizenship.

What is our “Vision”?

William Peace University will be recognized as a leading metropolitan University in the Southeast, known for its vibrancy, innovative and experiential curriculum, and impact it has on the lives of its students and the greater Raleigh region.

We invite you to explore our bucolic campus located in downtown Raleigh, NC

What are our “Values”?

Focus on Students

We value our students and are committed to their growth and development as learners and people, leading to successful completion of a degree at William Peace University as well as accomplishment in life.

Diversity, Inclusion & Respect

We are enriched by people of different backgrounds working and learning together, invigorated by open communication in an atmosphere built on respect. We welcome, expect, and encourage the continued pursuit of knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to build a more inclusive community.

Commitment to Community

We commit ourselves to create a thriving campus culture that has a positive impact on our community and our world.

Creativity & Innovation

We embrace creativity and innovation as drivers of our planning and performance. Both creativity and innovation fashion something new that transcends the ordinary or the typical and transforms those with whom it interacts.

Excellence with Integrity

We commit ourselves and our resources to delivering the highest quality in everything we say and do, and we do so openly, honestly, and honorably. We treat students, faculty, staff and all constituents in our community in ways that reflect that commitment to both excellence and integrity.