Academic and Tutoring Center

Worried that college could get to be too tough? The WPU Tutoring Center has your back.

College can sometimes be overwhelming, especially in the classroom. At times, you’ll probably need a little help, and that’s okay. Through a variety of individualized support services, we’ll help you find the study method that is best suited for your learning needs.

The Tutoring Center offers online and print resource materials on topics such as:

  • Note-taking & Reading Materials
  • Punctuation Guidline Materials
  • Recommended Science Resources
  • Reference Materials & Books
  • Spanish Resources
WPU students receiving tutoring help.

The Tutoring Center is a part of the Center for Student Success, located on the second floor of Finch Library

One-on-One Matters

WPU offers something a lot of colleges think they can do, but fall short on: one-on-one, personalized attention.

Our dedicated tutoring specialists will work with you hands-on, equipping you with the methods and tools needed to succeed in the classroom. Any subject, any class.

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