Honors Program

Do you go above and beyond what’s expected or required of you? Do you want more out of your education? 

As an Honors student, you’ll blaze your own trail -— as a scholar and leader. You’ll engage with others in the Honors community as you explore topics such as ethical leadership and justice. You’ll have the opportunity to tailor your Honors experience to fit your unique research, service, and leadership interests. A dynamic faculty will support you during each step of your journey.

Who participates in the Honors Program?

The program is for students who excel academically and have a history of leadership and service. Incoming students will need to submit an application for admission to WPU first. Those awarded our Presidential Scholarship will be invited to apply for the Honors Program. Current Peace students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher and fewer than 46 hours of college credit are also encouraged to apply.

Is the Honors Program Right for Me?

  • The Honors Program is for you if you have a record of academic success and want to push yourself to grow as a scholar, leader, and critical thinker. It’s interdisciplinary, so it prepares you to address the world’s complexities today.
  • You’re not only taking Honors courses that demand critical reflection and more profound study, but you’re also working with faculty on research, as teaching assistants, and on service projects.
  • The Honors Program is a place to build community. You study away together, go on retreats together, and have other immersive experiences unique to students in this program.

What should I expect from the program?

The Honors Program is a 14-credit-hour experience with a heavy focus on immersive learning. Honors students take four core classes, which form the scaffolding of the program.  

HON 100: Exploring Critical Issues sets the foundation with a focus on ethical leadership, dialogue, and peacebuilding. As part of this course, our HON 100 students lead dialogues for the community under the leadership of more senior Honors students.

ENG 225H: Writing About Literature focuses on the careful and creative use of texts in student writing. The current focus of this course is on justice.

HON 300: The Advanced Honors Seminar focuses on culture and community. A highlight of this course is a weekend study away in Washington, D.C., where Honors students have the opportunity to explore the city through the lens of cultural memory.

HON 493: The Capstone Experience, the final scaffolding course, where Honors students work closely with a faculty mentor on an area of particular interest. Some Honors students engage in research, some deepen their service, and some choose to serve as Teaching Assistants.

In addition to these courses, Honors students have the opportunity to engage in a series of Immersive Laboratories and work hand-in-hand with our faculty to explore topics of special interest in greater depth. These immersive labs can include travel, meeting with local businesses, serving the community, completing simulations, and engaging in field studies.

National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR)

Many students within the Honors Program have the privilege to conduct research with faculty in their respective fields and present their work at regional and national conferences, such as the National Conference for Undergraduate Research (NCUR).

Explore How We Research

Students within the WPU Honors Program visit Washington, DC

Confirm Your Invitation

The Honors Program at William Peace University invites students to participate in this prestigious program based on academic achievement. Confirm your commitment to participate.

I CAN’T WAIT TO JOIN the WPU Honors Program

“The WPU Honors Program has given me a chance to meet people I would not otherwise meet while challenging me to look at things in a new light.”
Ben Heacox '23
Pre-Law Major with a Minor in Business Administration | Baseball + Peer Mentor
Mason Bennett
“I think being a leader is being there for others”
Mason Bennett
SGD Major
“The Honors Program is a great way to challenge yourself to
be the best person you can be, both academically and socially. It also allows you to connect with new people and learn things that will stay with you forever.”
Alisha Dhar ‘23
Communications Major | Women’s Swimming and Orientation Leader
Heidi Gailor Loflin, WPU professor.
“The WPU honors program offers students the unique opportunity to learn from our faculty while working alongside them in their respective fields.”
Dr. Heidi Gailor
WPU Honors Program Coordinator