Honors Program

Do you go above and beyond what’s expected or required of you? Do you want more out of your education? 

The WPU Honors Program is one of the most exciting and prestigious programs on campus. It provides opportunities for academically talented & motivated students to study within a wide array of fields. You’ll be challenged, yet supported in an academic environment where you’ll study, conduct research and exchange ideas.

As an Honors Student, you’ll blaze your own trail. Alongside dynamic faculty, you can explore topics that promote intellectual discovery and development and most importantly – interest you!

Interested in Applying to Honors?

You’ll need to have submitted your application for admissions to WPU first. Students who have been admitted and awarded our Presidential Scholarship will be invited to apply for the Honors Program.

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Students within the WPU Honors Program visit Washington, DC

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“The Honors Program elevated my education and helped me to better connect with many friends outside of my major.”
Athena Azan '19
Criminal Justice Major

Get Engaged

Here, you’ll get hands-on with faculty, conduct research, and truly engage with the campus community.

For instance, in 2017, WPU Honors students personally engaged with award-winning author and speaker, Dr. Sampson Davis, who addressed the campus community about social and personal issues, outlining his book “Living and Dying in Brick City,” which served as the summer reading assignment for the incoming first-year students of WPU. 

Dr. Davis was raised as the fifth of six children in Newark, one of New Jersey’s poorest cities. As a child Davis grew-up in cramped living quarters, surrounded by fragmented families, crime and drugs. Still, he was a good student, able to strike the fragile balance between being smart yet socially acceptable on the streets. It was this combination of skills, Davis says, that were most critical to his survival.

Learn More about Dr. Davis and His Visit to WPU

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“The WPU honors program offers students the unique opportunity to learn from our faculty while working alongside them in their respective fields.”
Dr. Heidi Gailor
WPU Honors Program Coordinator

National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR)

Many students within the Honors Program have the privilege to conduct research with faculty in their respective fields and present their work at regional and national conferences, such as the National Conference for Undergraduate Research (NCUR).

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