WPU Connect

Engage. Connect. Succeed!

WPU Connect is a web-based advising tool designed to empower and support your academic success. As a WPU student, you can create your WPU Connect profile to connect with faculty and academic advisers to create your own success network.

What WPU Connect can do for you:

  • Connect with instructors and advisers
  • Track your academic success
  • Receive text and email updates
  • Earn Kudos to use at campus eateries, Peace Perk and Sandela’s Cafe
  • Help you achieve your academic goals

WPU Connect Logo

WPU Students engaging with one another

With WPU Connect you can earn recognition for your accomplishments as Kudos to use on campus at Peace Perk and Sandela’s Cafe!

Engage with WPU Connect

There’s no need to go at it alone. WPU Connect was designed to put you a mouse click away from academic success. In a few simple steps WPU students can network with instructors and academic advisers, and of course gain access to a plethora of academic resources.

WPU Students can start connecting today by logging into their MyPacerNet or Moodle accounts.

Questions about WPU connect?