Experiential + Immersive Learning

Experiential + Immersive Learning is the process of learning through experience, and applying what you’ve learned in an active environment.

At WPU, we think it’s important that you broaden your horizons. Sometimes that means pushing you out of your comfort zone, but for good reason and one goal in mind – to make you a better overall student. This will better prepare you for graduate school, your next career, and a more purposeful life.

See how our student immerse themselves by literally rolling up their sleeves and digging deep


On average, more than 96% of WPU grads land jobs or enter graduate school within one year of graduating

Get Out There and Change the World

You’ll get hands-on here in more ways than one. From exploring ancient ruins in Mexico, to studying animals on the verge of extinction, to immersing yourself in the immigrant experience in NYC, the way you learn will extend far past the traditional classroom.

together, we’ll learn through the following ways

  • Study Abroad
    Our students experience culture and globalization through study-abroad trips in places like Italy, Mexico, Qatar, and much more.

    Learn About WPU Study Abroad

  • Student Research
    A lot of institutions don’t allow their undergraduate students to participate in research. Good thing we’re not like other institutions. WPU students travel to participate in forums such as the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), and much more.

    Explore Our Student Research

  • Showcase
    Showcase is a conference-style event where our students display their semester research, performances, poetry readings, debates, cross-disciplinary creative projects, and much more.

    See How We Showcase Our Students

Dr. Chris Born, POP profile image.
“The purpose of immersive learning is to bridge the gap between the theories students learn in the classroom and how they apply that knowledge.”
Christopher Born, Ph.D.
WPU Director of Immersive Learning
WPU Student, Deja Gainey
WPU Student, Deja Gainey

It was Deja’s lifelong dream to work for the U.S. Department of State. See how she landed an internship of a lifetime in Washington D.C.

Deja Gainey Heads to Washington D.C.
Political Science Major
Career Design Center
Main 105