Student Research Opportunities

You’ll get rare opportunities that many students don’t experience in undergrad. That’s what happens when faculty and staff truly invest in your success.

Many of our students go on to graduate, law, or medical school following their undergraduate studies at WPU. Getting experience conducting research, presenting at and attending national conferences, and learning from industry experts, help distinguish our students from others when it comes application time.

Our students present their research findings at regional and national conferences, including the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, the Association of Southeastern Biologists (regional), and the NC Academy of Science (state).

Our students get hands-on with their work

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to dive deep into your work

See how WPU Biology students are aiding in the fight against pollution

Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Research

WPU Biology students are working with professors to research PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenyl) levels at Crabtree Creek in Wake County following a chemical contamination many years ago by Ward Transformer Company, a facility that handled transformers and other types of electrical equipment (News & Observer).

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Spider Monkey Research: Yucatán, Mexico

“I fell in love with the region and Mesoamerica…and in 1994 I started doing Spider Monkey research in a small Maya village.”

Dr. Laura Vick

WPU faculty and students have been exploring parts of the Yucatán for more than 25 years, researching Spider Monkey behaviors and helping the indigenous people thrive in the region.

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Our presence in the Yucatan is vast and rich in history. Discover how WPU faculty and students are impacting the region

WPU students & professors research PCB levels in a local creek
“I wouldn’t have this opportunity to do this research had I stayed at my previous college. Doing research with your professor – I think that benefits you in the long-run and after college.”
Caroline Bergstrom ’16
Biology Student

National Conference on Undergraduate Research

Each year, we have students attend the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), an annual event that promotes and displays research projects being performed at the undergraduate level at universities across the United States.


Archaeological Field Schools

WPU Anthropology students are currently working with Professors Vincent Melomo and Xandra Daniels to process and analyze artifacts recovered from the 2018 WPU Archaeological Field Schools at the John T. and Mary Turner House in Raleigh’s Oberlin Village.

Students get the opportunity to:

  • Trowel
  • Screen
  • Clean & process artifacts

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See how WPU Anthropology students unearth history at the John T. and Mary Turner House in Raleigh’s Oberlin Village.