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BA Bachelor of Arts  |  BS Bachelor of Science  |  BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts  |  Minor

BA, BS, Minor

BS, Minor


BA, Minor

BA, Minor


BA, BS, Minor

BA, Minor

Accelerated Dual Degrees

Our Dual-Degree options make it easier to get both an undergraduate and graduate degree in a shorter amount of time. We’ve partnered with Campbell Law School and Meredith College. Students who enroll in these programs can get an  Bachelor’s degree + MBA in five years and a Bachelor’s + law degree in just six years.


A degree from WPU (BS, BA, or BFA) is earned by completing a combination of the liberal education core requisites, requirements for a major, and general electives. A major is the primary area of study that students select to pursue in a particular discipline. A major normally consists of 33–39 credit hours (although some majors require more credit hours).


A minor is a secondary area of study that enhances the opportunity for students to explore an additional discipline. A minor is optional and may require the completion of 18 credit hours (although some minors may require more).

Your Peace of Mind.

Your WPU education will help you to build practical skills for your future. Through immersive learning with a connection to faculty and staff that are invested in your personal success, you’ll find your journey is not made alone, but it’s with our support behind you.

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