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Get Your Bachelor of Arts in Education without Licensure at WPU

Thinking about a career in education, but not necessarily inside a traditional classroom? At William Peace University, our Bachelor of Arts in Education without Licensure program opens up a world of opportunities in educational studies. Dive into diverse educational settings and build the skills you need for a variety of roles outside the traditional teaching path.

Discover Your Path in Educational Studies

With WPU’s BA in Education, you’re not confined to classroom teaching. This education studies degree is perfect for those who are passionate about education but want to explore roles like curriculum development, educational technology, or school administration. You’ll complete the same rigorous coursework as our licensure students, gaining the same valuable knowledge and skills without the need for state licensure exams.

Who Should Consider This Program?

Our BA education degree is ideal for those who want to make a difference in education but aren’t looking to pursue traditional classroom teaching. If you’re interested in educational policy, technology, or administration, or want to work with educational nonprofits, this education major gives you the flexibility to tailor your career path.

Education Major Highlights

– Internship Opportunities: With this educational studies degree, you get to choose internships that match your interests, whether it’s working in educational technology, community programs, or curriculum development.
– Same Coursework, More Flexibility: You’ll complete the same coursework as our licensure students, ensuring you gain comprehensive knowledge and skills in education studies.
– Personalized Support: Enjoy a small program size and a low faculty-to-student ratio, providing you with personalized guidance and support throughout your journey.

WPU Education Students

A World of Career Opportunities

No, there’s no such thing as a ‘school administration’ degree. But haven’t you wondered what path you’d take if you wanted to work in fields associated with education without becoming a licensed teacher?

Graduates of our BA in Education have gone on to various exciting roles in the field. Whether you’re interested in becoming a curriculum writer, a school administrator, or working in educational programming at community organizations, the education studies program prepares you for these paths. You could also explore educational policy or advocacy roles, making a broader impact on the educational landscape.

Careers for Education Majors: Success Stories

Our alumni have achieved remarkable accomplishments, from becoming school administrators to leading educational technology projects. For instance, WPU graduates have worked as:

– Curriculum writers for educational technology companies
– School administrators (e.g., principal, vice principal, special education director)
– Intervention teachers and advocacy specialists
– Education Policy Specialists working with the NC legislature

What Makes WPU’s Education Program Unique?

– Hands-On Learning: Field experiences and internships embedded in every semester connect your coursework with real-world educational challenges.
– Flexible Career Paths: With no licensure required, you have the freedom to explore various careers in educational studies, including roles in educational nonprofits, community organizations, and more.
– Close-Knit Community: Benefit from a supportive environment where faculty know you by name and are invested in your success.

Start Your Educational Journey with WPU

Ready to explore the exciting world of education beyond the classroom? Join us at WPU for a **BA education** program that equips you with the skills and experiences needed to excel in diverse educational roles. Our education majors are prepared for a range of careers, making a positive impact in educational settings everywhere.

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Possible Careers
While most graduates go on to work in teaching or in administration in both public and private schools, many other jobs await those with an education degree. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Absolutely! While this major does not focus on immediate licensure, it provides a strong foundation in education, and you can pursue licensure through additional coursework if you decide to become a licensed teacher in the future.


The Education without Licensure major emphasizes a broad understanding of education, making graduates well-suited for roles in policy development, non-profit organizations, and other educational settings that do not require a teaching license.


WPU is dedicated to providing hands-on experiences. We facilitate internships, fieldwork, and research projects, allowing students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, enhancing their practical skills.

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