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Corinne Anderson
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Professor of English
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Associate Professor of English
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Department Chair of Humanities and Interdisciplinary Arts, Professor of English

Get your English Degree at William Peace University

Do you love stories and the way they shape our world? At William Peace University, our English program invites you to explore culture, creativity, and communication in ways that are both enriching and rewarding.

Embrace the Power of Stories & Communication with an English Major

At WPU, our English major is more than just studying literature—it’s about diving into how stories reflect and influence every part of our lives. Imagine a curriculum that broadens your horizons and helps you understand what drives people’s values and motivations. Our courses go beyond just reading and writing; they’re designed to teach you to think critically, communicate clearly, and lead with empathy.

Here, you’ll discover how to express your thoughts, articulate your ideas, and create meaningful conversations. Our vibrant community encourages you to dig deeper, think outside the box, and prepares you for a world full of exciting English degree jobs.

A Community that Supports Your Growth

Our English program is more than just classes—it’s a journey of self-discovery and professional preparation. Samara Demary, a 2022 graduate, shares, “The English department at WPU did more than prepare me for the professional working world. You learn about yourself, how to articulate and communicate your thoughts, and create space to have important discussions. I am forever grateful that Dr. Andersen pushed me to problem solve, to dig deeper, and to think outside the norm.”

Graduates of our English program have successfully pursued careers as **English teachers**, **account managers**, **project coordinators**, and even **editors-in-chief**. They’ve also been accepted into prestigious graduate programs, demonstrating the versatility and strength of a **BA in English** from WPU.

English Program

Employment for English Majors: Diverse Career Paths

Wondering what you can do with an English major? Our graduates have embarked on fulfilling careers in various fields, including:

  •  Support Managers for community partnerships
  •  English Teachers in high schools
  •  Account Managers in marketing
  •  Learning Center Coordinators at universities
  •  Project Coordinators in corporate settings
  •  Editors-in-Chief for publications
  •  Public Information Officers in community colleges

An advanced education in English equips you with the communication and analytical skills needed for diverse career opportunities.

Enhance Your Education with a Minor in English

If you’re majoring in another subject but love the idea of diving into literature and communication, consider minoring in English. It’s a fantastic way to enrich your studies, offering you the chance to explore the power of stories and enhance your skills in critical thinking and communication.

Sociology, political science, psychology, are fields that are well-complemented by an additional focus in English, but they’re not alone. Majors in business, history, and even science find that adding an English minor enriches their perspectives and enhances their communication skills.

Shape Your Future with an English Degree

At William Peace University, a **degree in English** is more than just a qualification—it’s a gateway to understanding the world and your place in it. Whether you aim to teach, write, lead, or innovate, our program equips you with the tools to succeed in various **English major jobs**. Join us and start crafting your story today!

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Possible Careers

Endless Career Possibilities

WPU English graduates embark on diverse and fulfilling career paths. Beyond an appreciation for great literature, our graduates emerge with analytical skills, strong communication abilities, and a versatile skill set.

Graduates find themselves in areas such as journalism, technical writing, advertising copywriting, and public relations. Some of our accomplished alumni hold positions such as Support Manager at Community Partnerships, English Teacher at Louisburg High School, Account Manager at 919 Marketing, Learning Center Coordinator at William Peace University, and more.

  • Support Manager, Community Partnerships
  • English Teacher, Louisburg High School
  • Account Manager, 919 Marketing
  • Learning Center Coordinator, William Peace University
  • Assistant Director of Enrollment Services, Trinity University
  • Project Coordinator, CIBER, NC
  • Editor-in-Chief, The Aynor Journal
  • Public Information Officer, Roanoke-Chowan Community College

Success Stories and Beyond

WPU English graduates have found success not only in the professional arena but also in prestigious graduate programs. Our alumni have been accepted into renowned programs such as UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law, North Carolina State University for a Master’s in English, George Washington University for a Master’s in Philosophy and Social Policy, and North Carolina State University for a Master’s in English Education. Our graduates’ diverse career paths and academic pursuits reflect our English program’s adaptability and excellence.

WPU graduates have also been accepted into the following programs: 

  • UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law
  • North Carolina State University, Master’s in English
  • George Washington University, Master’s in Philosophy and Social Policy
  • North Carolina State University, Master’s in English Education

Frequently Asked Questions


Absolutely! Our program is designed to be flexible, allowing you to tailor your education to your interests. Whether you’re passionate about creative writing, technical writing, or another area, we provide opportunities for specialization.


Our curriculum is designed to keep pace with the changing demands of the digital age. You’ll explore digital storytelling, social media writing, and other contemporary forms of communication, ensuring that you’re well-prepared for the dynamic world of digital media.


Our unique writing program ensures that you not only analyze literature but also apply your skills in practical settings. You’ll have the opportunity to craft resumes, cover letters, and other essential documents, preparing you for success in your chosen career path.


WPU offers a Writing Center staffed by experienced tutors who provide one-on-one assistance. Additionally, our faculty members are dedicated to fostering your growth as a writer, offering guidance and constructive feedback to enhance your skills.

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