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The way in which you learn has evolved – that’s why we offer some of the most innovative learning options in the region and beyond. 

Experience the difference of William Peace University.

We offer several learning options that specifically cater to our adult and professional students because we know it’s difficult to balance a busy schedule. Choose from night, online, and even Saturday courses.

Dan shares why he chose to advance his career at WPU

WPU SPS student in class.

Accelerate your degree by taking classes at night

Night Classes

Going to class at night may not sound like the most exciting way to end your work day, but remember this – going to class at night can change how you spend your work day.

Night classes are one of the most popular ways for adults to learn. They’re convenient and can often times be squeezed in at the end of a work day. Just think of it as having a part-time job. 

With a degree from SPS, you can catapult your career and step into a profession you’ve always dreamed of, or continue climbing the rungs of the professional latter you’re already on. 

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“There is not a better school that catered to my needs than the Adult & Professional Studies Programs at WPU.”

Amy Bowman
Student, Parent, Professional

Online Classes

Everyone doesn’t learn the same way – some people learn visually, while others enjoy hands-on instruction or lectures. Online learning requires some self discipline, but also affords you the opportunity to be flexible with your time and schedule.

Whether you’re a stay at home parent, a working professional, or just someone who likes to travel, William Peace University’s online program ensures you can get the elite education you need no matter where you are.

All of our degrees can be earned completely online. You never have to even step foot on campus.

Explore Online Learning at WPU

WPU holds many accolades for its online learning

“I was able to transfer a lot of my college credits to WPU and earn my degree quick, while also working full-time and supporting my family.”

Ed Parsons ’16
Alumni, Parent, Professional

Saturday Classes

WPU is one of the only institutions in North Carolina to incorporate Saturday classes into its curriculum. Why? Because it works. And the more options you have for classes, the more flexible your schedule can be.

Saturday students pursue their degree in a supportive cohort model with other students committed to professional success. You’ll experience small classes with hands-on learning from experienced instructors who know how to cater to the adult learner like yourself. 


WPU SPS student in class.

Take advantage of Saturday classes and earn your degree quicker

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