Study Business Administration at WPU
Bachelor of Science
Prepare for the business world, taking the tools you learn at WPU to become an effective, problem-solving leader and manager
Study Criminal Justice at WPU
Bachelor of Arts
Protect and serve your community by learning the skills to analyze, understand, and outwit the criminal mind
Study Education at WPU
Bachelor of Arts
The Wake County Public School System is one of the best in NC, where there is virtually always a need for well-prepared, committed teachers
Explore Liberal Studies at WPU
Bachelor of Arts
Step outside the confines of the typical classroom experience. Choices and flexibility allow you to build your own curriculum
Study Marketing at WPU
Bachelor of Arts
Whether you’re designing ad campaigns for a promising start-up or conducting market research for one of the world’s largest corporations, when it comes to Marketing – the sky is the limit
Study Psychology at WPU
Bachelor of Arts
Study human behavior and unlock the door to the mind through a degree in Psychology from WPU