Payment Options and Due Dates

Discover how you can make paying for college a little easier.

We recognize that paying for college is difficult and often times overwhelming. That’s why we offer substantial financial aid packages mixed with flexible tuition and room/board payment plans. You and your family have options when it comes to choosing WPU!

Payment Options

Preferred Method of Payment: Credit Card or Bank Account Draft

  • MyPacerNet – Log into MyPacerNet / Launch Self-Service / Access Finance Portal

Check or Money Order

You can by check or money order in person, or by mail. Please address your payment to:

William Peace University
Office of Student Accounts
15 East Peace Street
Raleigh, NC 27604

Make a Guest Payment


Student ID number is required

Parent/Guardian/Family Bill Payment Portal

View your balance and explore payment options for your student.


Payment Plans

  • PacerNet – Students can sign up for a payment plan by accessing the Finance Portal within MyPacerNet
  • Parents and other family members who are set up as authorized users can access their student’s account and sign up for a payment plan by logging into the Student Accounts Portal.

Please note that financial aid, as well as payment plans, must be in place by the above dates to cover the full semester balance; monthly late fees will apply.

If you decide to attend WPU after August 1 for the fall or December 15 for the spring, payments, financial aid and/or a payment plan must be in place prior to the start of classes to cover the full semester balance.

Class registration may be cancelled at the University’s discretion prior to the start of classes by the Office of the Registrar if a student account balance is not fully satisfied by payment, financial aid and/or a payment plan.

Tuition Insurance

Emergencies are a part of life. Is your family prepared for the unexpected after classes begin? If you’re involved in an accident or suffer from a serious illness, you can avoid losing the time and money you’ve invested in school.

William Peace University has partnered with GradGuard™ to offer Tuition Insurance from Allianz Global Assistance to help minimize your possible financial loss in case of an emergency or accident.

The Tuition Protection plan is like an extension of our refund policy. This plan provides coverage for full-time undergraduate tuition, on-campus housing, board and fees. It can reimburse up to 100% of your nonrefundable school costs after a mid-semester withdrawal for a covered illness, injury, psychological condition, and more—protecting your investment in higher education.

To get a quote or learn more about the Tuition Protection Plan, call 1.866.724.4384 or go to:

Tuition insurance plans also come with Student Life Assistance: a 24-hour hotline to help students stay safe on and off campus. At William Peace University, we want our families to have peace of mind during their entire time with us.

Insurance must be purchased prior to first day of classes. Coverage extends through the end of that semester.
Explore Tuition Refund Plan


The plan is completely optional, and William Peace University receives no compensation for this program; it is offered entirely as a service to you. The agreement you enter into is with GradGuard, not with William Peace University.

If you wish to sign up for the plan, you must go online at and enroll in the Tuition Insurance before the first day of class each semester. If you have any questions, please contact Tuition Protection Plan directly at 1.866.724.4384 or go to website.

Terms, conditions, and exclusions apply. Insurance benefits underwritten by Jefferson Insurance Company (NY, Administrative Office: Richmond, VA), rated “A+” (Superior) by A.M. Best Co. Plan(s) only available to U.S. residents and may not be available in all jurisdictions. AGA Service Company is the licensed producer and administrator of this plan and an affiliate of Jefferson Insurance Company. The insured shall not receive any special benefit or advantage because of the affiliation between AGA Service Company and Jefferson Insurance Company. Non-insurance benefits/ products are provided and serviced by AGA Service Company. Any Non-Insurance Assistance services purchased are provided through AGA Service Company. Except as expressly provided under your plan, you are responsible for charges you incur from third parties. Contact AGA Service Company at 888-427-5045 or 9950 Mayland Drive, Richmond, VA 23233 or

Due Dates

Payments for tuition/fees, room and board are due in full:

  • August 1 (fall semester)
  • December 15 (spring semester)

Student Accounts

Other Common Questions

Buy a Parking Pass

Parking permits can be purchased for the entire academic year in the fall semester. If a student begins in the spring semester or returns from winter break with a vehicle, they can purchase a parking permit at a reduced rate. Parking permit fees paid are nonrefundable.

Buy My Parking Pass

Waive WPU Health Insurance

Want to waive your WPU health insurance? Please do so using the link below. If you have questions about that, contact Student Accounts.

Waive Health Insurance

Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Return of Federal Unearned Funds for Title IV Recipients

Federal financial aid funds (Title IV funds) are awarded the expectation that you will complete the entire period of enrollment. Title IV Aid includes:

  • Stafford Loan
  • Parent PLUS Loan
  • Pell Grant

You can earn a percentage of the funds that are disbursed with each day of class attendance. When a student who has received Title IV funds leaves school before the end of the semester or period of enrollment, federal law requires that William Peace University calculate the percentage and amount of unearned financial aid funds that must be returned to the federal government. Once you have completed more than 60% of the enrollment period, you are considered to have earned all funding received. This calculation may have the effect of requiring you to repay funds that have already been disbursed to you. A leave of absence may be considered a withdrawal. You are encouraged to meet with the Office of Financial Aid and the Student Services Office prior to making the decision to withdraw from school.

Institutional Refund Policy

The following institutional refund policy applies to:

  • Students who are not receiving federal Title IV aid
  • Students whose accounts are not cleared after applying the Return of Federal Unearned Funds formula described above.

If you are withdrawing before the end of the semester, you will be responsible for the following percentage of tuition and fees for the semester:

  • During the second week: 40 percent
  • During the third week: 60 percent
  • During the fourth week: 80 percent
  • After four weeks: 100 percent


* Board charges will be refunded based on the number of weeks remaining in the semester after the week of withdrawal.
* Room charges will not be refunded.
* Beginning on the first day of classes, no refunds will be made if a student is suspended for academic or conduct reasons.

Parking Permits

Parking permits can be purchased in the fall semester for the entire academic year. If a student begins in the spring semester or is returning from winter break with a vehicle, they can purchase a parking permit at 50% of the annual rate. Parking permit fees paid are nonrefundable.

Student Accounts or Financial Aid?

Not sure which department to contact? Here's a helpful breakdown.

Student Accounts

 Financial Aid

  • Charges on your bill
  • Payment plans
  • Making a payment
  • Business holds preventing registration
  • Health insurance charge/waivers
  • Parking decals
  • Refunds of excess financial aid
  • Tuition Refund Policy
  • 1098-T forms
  • Financial Aid Eligibility
  • Federal Work Study
  • Specific Information about your award
  • Parent PLUS Loans
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
  • Special circumstance or professional judgment appeals

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