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WPU’s Personalized Approach to Admissions

We are a small, tightly woven community and usually know each of our students by name. We pride ourselves in the personalized approach we take with students and parents to ensure they feel confident in their decisions, understand the application process, and are comfortable with the requirements for financial aid, as well as the opportunities for scholarship. Throughout their journey, we are with them every step of the way. 

Our Admission Counselors provide one-on-one guidance and assistance with prospective students and their families. You can reach out to our counselors to connect with whomever is assigned to your institution. Our goal is to work with high school counselors and provide the tools and resources needed to support their students.

WPU has simplified the application process to be more holistic and inclusive of student strengths and accomplishments. Students have the choice to submit SAT/ACT scores, or showcase their individual strengths in other ways.

Share the benefits and information of William Peace University. We have created an easy-to-use PDF that you can customize with your high school name and your contact information – and send to students. Download today.

School Counselor Info 

Raleigh Charter HS
“Attending the HS Counselor Brunch at WPU has been one of the best in my 30-year career.”
Kern Hairston
College Counselor
Raleigh Charter High School

Resources + Links

  • Meet the Admissions Team
    Personalized Approach for Strong Relationships

    Our Admission Counselors are passionate about students! Their goal is to continue the nurturing and supportive role that high school counselors provide— to ensure each student and their families have the information and resources needed to plan their future.

    Meet our Admissions Counselors

  • WPU At-a-Glance
    Why WPU?

    As a nationally-ranked institution, we offer a wide breadth of programs and minors to meet the needs of today’s students. Our immersive experience provides hands-on application to prepare students for career success! 100% of our undergraduates participate in an internship that enhances their ability to apply what they learned in the classroom.

    Get an Overview of WPU

    Mission, Vision + Values of WPU

  • Visits + Tours
    We Make it Easy!

    We offer multiple ways to visit our beautiful Downtown Raleigh campus.

    We are steps away the heart of downtown Raleigh and all the activities of a bustling city! Yet, our campus is quaint and offers all the amenities and opportunities students desire. We offer virtual and in-person tours that follow strict health and safety measures. Get a feel for our students, faculty, and other valuable content and information that enables students and their families the opportunity to experience William Peace University.

     Plan a Visit

  • Programs of Study
    So Many Choices   

    With over 30 undergraduate majors, WPU can meet the needs of most all students! From Anthropology, Environmental Studies to Simulation and Game Design—we’ve got you covered. Additionally, undergraduate minors and concentrations allow flexibility and the opportunity for students to elevate their career success.

    WPU Programs of Study

  • Admission Requirements
    Supporting Students is a Priority 

    WPU has a simplified application process that is a holistic and inclusive evaluation of the student that looks beyond the test scores—but considers all the strengths and accomplishments of the whole person to build a dynamic community. Students have the choice to submit SAT/ACT scores, or showcase their individual strengths.

    If students decide to submit official SAT/ACT scores, our SAT school code is 005533 and our ACT school code is 3136.


  • The Application Process
    We Take the Complexity Out of the Application Process 

    We understand that each student is unique and believe that within all of us – is the ability to succeed. Our rolling application for full-time undergraduate students take into account the whole person and evaluate their potential to succeed at WPU. 

    Each applicant is personally reviewed and evaluated by our team. When someone applies to WPU, we are on a first-name basis and there is always a personal connection.

    First Year Student Application Process

    Admission FAQs

  • Student Life at WPU
    Bottom Line: It’s All About Student Life 

    We may be a small private institution, but we offer BIG opportunities for engagement and connection for students. There is always something to do. Our proximity to Downtown Raleigh offers an abundance of activities, museums, cultural events, parks and recreation, and an extension of the WPU immersive classroom experience.

    We have 18 Division III sports teams, intramural programs and state-of-the-art fitness space/s to keep students engaged and active! We love school spirit and so do our students.

    Explore Student Life

  • Paying for College | Scholarships + Financial Aid
    How to Afford College?

    Navigating through the financial cost of college can be difficult and WPU understands this challenge. We work with each student and their families to provide guidance, support and all the resources and assistance necessary. Our personalized approach is what separates us from the larger universities.

    • WPU FAFSA Code: 002953

    Applying for Financial Aid 101

    Cost, Scholarship + Financial Aid

  • Academic Support
    Student Success is our #1 Priority 

    No two students are alike and we appreciate the unique qualities of all! At WPU, we want to ensure that every student has the tools and resources to become successful. Our Center for Student Success is an integral part of the WPU experience. Some of the benefits include:

    • Free tutoring
    • A First Year Success Class to get acclimated to college life and to take part in student activities
    • Academic accommodation plans
    • An internship class with resume help, LinkedIn help, and mock job interviews with real employers
    • Disability services to ensure all students have equal access to experiences
    • WPU Connect — to build a successful network of support

    We strive to deliver resources that provide opportunities for success! 

    Learn about the Center for Student Success

    Additional Academic Support

    Students with Potential
    WPU strives to be holistic and inclusive of student strengths and accomplishments, not just academic achievement. However, we generally require a GPA of 2.0 or higher. We also offer the following programs to students who may not be admissible but show potential:

    Guaranteed Admission Program (GAP)
    Students will be offered admission for the following spring term, provided they enroll in an accredited college or university in the fall, take a minimum of 12 credit hours, and be maintaining a 2.0 GPA at mid-year.

    Guaranteed Transfer Program (GTP)
    Students will be offered admission for the following fall term, provided they enroll in an accredited college or university for the following academic year, take a minimum of 12 credit hours/semester, and maintain a 2.0 overall GPA.

  • Athletics
    WPU has 18 Division III Teams to Cheers on! 

    Athletics is an important aspect of college life here at WPU. Our students have a lot of spirit and pride in their Pacers! With nine women’s and nine men’s division III teams, there is always excitement.

    Additionally, throughout the year, various intramural sports are available for those who want to get involved. Athletic activities are abundant!

    Athletic Facilities

    Athletic Recruiting Information

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