Student Account Center FAQs

  • What does the new Student Account Center do?
    The new Student Account Center is an online student financial system designed to help you better understand your student account activity. Some of the features include payments by credit card or direct deduction from your bank account, payment plan management with real time balance updates, the ability to add authorized user account access, text reminders, and much more!
  • How do I access my student account with the University?
    You are able to access the new Student Account Center through PacerNet. You’ll select the Student Account Center link, under Self Service for Students, Financial Information menu. Authorized users will gain access using the link provided in their Authorized User Access email or by the link at
  • What if a parent or guardian pays for my education? How can they obtain access to my online Student Account Center?
    The new Student Account Center offers the ability for you to authorize access to a designated person(s) to view your student account. To grant access to an authorized user, you will need to log in to the Student Account Center through MyPacernet and click on Authorized User in the My Profile Setup box. Enter the authorized user’s e-mail address and they will be sent personal login information. Authorized users can find the site to login within their welcome email or at Once logged in, they will have access to pay and/or view your student account. They can also set up a payment plan, set automated payments, and text reminders.
  • How do I remove an authorized user's access?
    If at any time you need to remove an authorized user’s access, you can do so through the Authorized Users menu under the My Profile Setup box. Under the Current Authorized Users section, you will see the authorized users who currently have access to your account. To remove them from accessing your account, select the star under Action and choose the Delete option.

    You can give them access again at any point in time. An authorized user’s access can be reinstated by the student at any time.

  • How do I make a payment?
    Throughout the Student Account Center, you will see several Make Payment options that will direct you on how to pay your balance. Click on any of these options and choose a payment method; you will be directed through the payment process.

    Payments can be made with debit/credit card or direct deduction from your bank account (personal checking or savings account). Corporate checking accounts cannot be used to make online payments.

  • Was my payment successful?
    The following are steps to verify a successful payment:

    • A payment confirmation screen will appear immediately after a payment is made.
    • You will receive an email confirmation of the payment.
    • Check the Payment History under the My Account. A history of successful payments is available for review.

  • Can I store my payment methods for future use?
    Yes. You will have the option to save that method during the payment process.
  • How can I add, edit or delete a stored payment method?
    Click Payment Profile in the My Profile Setup box. Add, edit or delete the desired payment method.
  • Can a student use a payment method set up by an authorized user?
    No. Only the person that sets up a stored payment method can use it. A student does not have access to see or use an authorized user’s stored payment method. Likewise, an authorized user cannot use a student’s stored payment method.
  • I tried to store a payment method and received the following message: 'Payment method (account nickname), with the same account number already exists.'
    This often occurs when a credit card has expired and the card is no longer viewable as a payment method. However, the card information is still stored. To correct this, update the expiration date.

    Click Payment Profile in the My Profile Setup box. Select Edit to change the expiration date on the expired card. That card will now be available to use.

  • How do I set up a payment plan?

    • Click the Payment Plans menu at the top of the screen.
    • Click Enroll Now
    • Select the current term from the drop-down box.
    • Click Select. Available payment plan description will display on the screen.
    • Click Details to understand more about the plan including expected payment schedule.
    • Click Select to continue with this plan. Installment amounts and due dates will be displayed.
    • In the Automatic Payments box, make a decision whether payments will be automatic or not.
    • Click Continue.
    • The $35 enrollment fee is required to be paid at the time of sign up. If signing up past the first payment installment due date, the first payment is also required at sign up.
    • The next screen will request payment information. Enter required payment information and click Continue.

  • Could my installment amounts change?
    Yes. The payment plan amount is tied directly to the Student Account. If an additional charge is added to the account, future installment amounts will go up by an equal amount. If additional aid is added or a charge is removed from the account, future installment amounts will decrease. An email will be sent any time there is a change in the installment amounts.
  • Do I need to re-enroll for a spring payment plan if I signed up in the fall?
    No. The fall payment plan is set up to automatically re-enroll all students in a spring plan. No action is required if you enrolled for the fall semester. The $35 enrollment fee will be charged on the account and included in the first installment payment. An email will be generated with details of the plan and payment due dates.
  • Can an authorized user also speak to a Student Accounts representative about my account?
    Yes, as long as there is a Federal Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) waiver on file at the Registrar’s Office.
  • Can I add other contact information beyond my primary WPU email?
    Yes. Under Notifications in the My Profile Setup box, users can add a secondary email or a cell phone number for text message reminders and payment confirmations. These can be easily changed or deleted in this location.

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