Giving Priorities

William Peace University’s mission is to prepare students for careers in the organizations of tomorrow. And, with students as our main focus, several areas are in need of your support.

  • The Loyalty Fund
    The Loyalty Fund is William Peace University’s unrestricted annual giving fund that supplements the overall the budget.  The Loyalty Fund helps fill the gap between tuition/endowment income and operating expenses and can aptly be described as the fountain of support for the campus. Giving to this fund supports more than 30 campus student groups and organizations, our faculty and staff, academics, as well as, overall university growth and needs.  Unrestricted giving is crucial to the success of the university as it strives to provide innovative and immersive curriculum transforming the lives of our students.

    Give to The Loyalty Fund

  • Student Scholarships
    William Peace University is dedicated to ensuring our students have access to the highest quality education possible. The number one challenge they face is finding a way to afford their education. Almost all WPU students receive some type of financial aid and the university provides millions of dollars in academic and need-based scholarships.  At WPU, qualified students are awarded renewable Merit Scholarships from $4,000 to $16,000 every year. Scholarships are awarded based on weighted cumulative grade point average and the highest combined critical reading and math SAT/ACT scores. Additionally, WPU offers annual scholarships in the performing arts, student service, leadership and more. Your support helps ensure our students can receive a quality education.

    Give to Scholarships

  • Believe In Peace Strategic Plan
    “I believe in William Peace University,” said President Brian C. Ralph during his Installation in April 2016. “I believe in our purpose, the work we do, and the difference we make in the lives of students, the City of Raleigh, and the world. I believe in our University’s students, faculty, staff, and alumni. As we write our incredible story, I encourage you – in fact ask you – to join me in believing in this institution; its history, its people, and its future. We are ready to enter a new chapter of growth, vibrancy, and impact; one filled with excitement and transformation.”

    The Believe in Peace Plan is the strategic plan for WPU. It is an aspirational and inspirational plan that is aptly named because all of those involved in its creation have a firm conviction of the goodness and ability of William Peace University to “be recognized as a vibrant metropolitan university in the southeast, known for its innovative and immersive curriculum, the transformational effect it has on the lives its students, and its positive impact on the greater Raleigh region.” This is our Vision for WPU and what we believe our strategic plan will allow us to become.

    At the foundation of the Believe in Peace Strategic Plan are the University’s Core Values: focus on students; diversity, inclusion, and respect; creativity and innovation; excellence with integrity; and commitment to community. Building on these foundational values and with our vision in mind, we have identified four key strategic themes: Immersive Learning, Innovative Partnerships, Strategic Growth, and Distinctive Identity.

    Gifts to the Believe in Peace Strategic Plan will allow the university to complete the strategic initiatives identified to allow the university to reach its vision.

    Give to “Believe in Peace”

  • Immersive Learning
    We believe learning occurs everywhere. William Peace University is focused not only on what students learn, but how they learn.  A priority of the strategic plan is to intentionally design opportunities that thoroughly and comprehensively engage our students. This includes learning experiences such as our required internship program and capstone course in ethics, as well as student-faculty research, study-away, leadership opportunities, and project-based learning.

    Give to the Immersive Learning strategic initiatives to enhance WPU’s ability to provide these one-of-a-kind experiences.

    Give to Immersive Learning

  • Academic Departments
    When you make a gift designated to WPU Academics, you are providing students—the leaders of tomorrow—with the tools to prepare students for careers in the organizations of tomorrow. Gifts support the educational experience in a number of ways, including: hiring faculty who are leading experts in their fields, increasing undergraduate research opportunities, creating innovative academic curriculum, and providing resources to ensure every student is fully prepared for their individual careers.

    Gifts designated to specific academic departments allow the Department Chair to determine the most appropriate use of these funds to support students in their major and classes.

    Give to Academics

  • The Center Stage Club (Theatre & Performing Arts)
    The arts are alive! And, if you’ve been in the audience lately, there is a synergy that can’t be denied. With talent blossoming, your help is needed to continue to build on the momentum that is WPU Theatre and Performing Arts.

    Your gifts directly supports:

    • Kenan Auditorium – With proper sound equipment and lighting, this historic venue will continue to provide quality arts entertainment for the Raleigh community. But, we need YOUR support to make it happen!
    • Enrichment Programming For Aspiring Artists – William Peace University works throughout the year with guest performers and lecturers, providing opportunities for young and aspiring student artists. At the same time, these guest professionals often perform in free concerts that are open to the community. Help us continue to provide these experiences for our students and to you!
    • Scholarship & Travel Funds – William Peace University is dedicated to providing access to education and experiential learning, as we educate students for careers in the organizations of tomorrow. Our young actors, singers, dancers and performers often need help financially. Help us provide additional scholarship dollars and fund travel for students in our Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre and Bachelor of Arts in Theatre programs.

    GIVE TO The Center Stage Club


  • The Pacer Club
    Support WPU Student athletes and our programs! Founded in 2004, The Pacer Club has supported athletic programs, improved facilities, upgrades for training equipment, and the purchase of new uniforms and sports gear. Funds also provide for athletic awards and help ensure successful prospective student athlete outreach by providing funds for our coaches to travel across the state and region to recruit the best and brightest.

    Now is your chance to help our Pacers win the championships of tomorrow. We hope to see you in the stands this season.


  • Dinwiddie Chapel Mini Campaign
    The James Dinwiddie Chapel is a sanctuary has been cherished throughout its history by students, faculty, staff and alumni alike. The chapel continues to need support for maintenance and care to maintain its awesome beauty.

    Gifts to the James Dinwiddie Chapel support:

    • The Chapel’s historic 1870 Pomplitz organ, which so many Dinwiddie brides have had played at their weddings, is in need of repair. Three pipes are cracked and can be fixed, but that comes with a rather large price tag. Our goal is to raise $25,000 to repair the pipes and to also provide a fund for future maintenance and restoration so that the organ maintains its original glory.
    • The second project is to permanently install a sound system in the Chapel, as many of you have commented how you wished your families had been able to hear your wedding vows throughout the chapel. Our goal for that installation is $10,000, which would allow us to purchase the necessary equipment that would blend into the wall color and at the same time give the entire room the comfort of hearing adequately from any pew during any service or wedding.


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